Master Patterns Ltd


Master Patterns Ltd. Began life in 1973 as a one man business producing patterns for foundries doing various types of sand casting, anything from small 1kg castings to power generation turbine casings weighing 15 to 20 tons.

We cover a variety of services,

CNC Machining
Aluminium Foundry
Vac Forming Tools
Rotational Moulding Tools
Aluminium Castings
3 Dimensional Modelling
3 Dimensional CNC Machining
Blow Moulding Tools
Die Casting Tools
Aluminium Welding

Over the years the type of work requirements have change dramatically, and we have changed to accommodate our customer requirements. We still manufacture patterns, prototype patterns and tooling, vacuum forming tools, rotational tools, dip moulding tools, blow moulding tools, anything connected to aluminium tooling, cast iron dies and core boxes, patterns, and we also have our own foundry which can handle up to 130kg of molten aluminium.

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