Mastercopy Ltd

Founded in 1989 – Mastercopy is the North East’s Premier independent supplier of document solutions.

Frequently acclaimed and recommended by suppliers and customers alike, we work hard and invest heavily to provide outstanding levels of customer support and satisfaction throughout our field, from Morpeth in the north to Sheffield in the south. Our reputation is one of personal attention and delivering on our promises whatever your business, from sole trader to multi-nationals and government bodies. We are a family business, with family values and local integrity. We have if required corporate resources which also allow us to supply on a national basis.

Mastercopy has developed a reputation in sales, training, service and administration that sets us apart from anonymous conglomerates. We deliver quality, professionalism and value at every level and in every function. That’s why we are accredited with ISO9002 and why we carry the support and partnership of some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

The Manufacturers used rely heavily on Mastercopy to promote, support and represent their products throughout the North East of England. Combined with the sophisticated software solutions also now emerging - your document management and imaging needs are fully addressed and in excellent hands with Mastercopy.

Our intention has always been to “exceed the expectations of the customer”
which we feel has been achieved since 1989.

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