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At MASTERCUT we stock and manufacture a wide range of Industrial Knives and Parts. We have supplied a variety of industries with our cutting solutions throughout almost 20 years of work.

For a variety of industries at MASTERCUT we can provide a complete range of Cutters and Machine Knives: Guillotine Knives and Trimmer Blades; Granulator Blades and Pelletiser Blades, Scrap Shear Blades and Guillotine Shear Blades; Sheeter Knives and Circular Slitters; Perforator Blades and Packaging Knives; and many more indusgrial knives and blades.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and attention to detail.

The majority of our business is being repeated from satisfied customers.  


Printing and Paper Converting Knives

 We provide all machine knives, consumable, and part requirements within Paper based industry:

  • Guillotine Blades and Trimmers

They are supplied in Standard tool steel inlay, 18% Tungsten HSS Inlay, Tungsten Carbide Tipped and Micrograin Carbide Tipped.

  • Circular Knives

Circular Knives at MASTERCUT can be supplied up to the diameter 600 mm and as small as 20 mm diameter, with different numbers, holes' diameters and bevel's angles for a large variety of industries. 

  • Paper Drills

Our various size Paper Drills are manufactured from a specially developed alloy tool steel and can optionally be coated externally with Tungsten Carbide, Titanium or Teflon to both reduce friction and wear of the cutting edge, maintaining its sharpness for longer.

In addition to our Knife Products we can offer Pneumatic Knife units, Ply Crush Cutters, Multiblock Cutters, and Anvils for producing and converting paper, film, board and tissue.

 At MASTERCUT we also offer a wide range of Print Finishing Consumables, such as:

  • Cutting Sticks

They are manufactured from a number of materials Polypropylene, Nylon, High Density Polyethylene etc to suit Standard, High Speed Steel or Tungsten Carbide knives. We stock a wide range of types that cover most makes and models of paper cutting guillotines.

  •  Stitching Wire

Stitching wire is available in round section from 0.42 mm to 1.2 mm diameter and in a wide variety of flat sections. We supply it on 2.5 Kg reels in boxes of 8 reels per box. Stitching wire is produced from galvanised steel or brass, bronze or copper coated steel, wire that can be either soft or hard.

  •  Magnetic Clamp Pads

Magnetic clamp pads protect the top sheets of carbon, NCR and other paper from the marks caused by the guillotine clamp pressure. A durable foam pad laminated to rubberised magnetic strip for affixing to the guillotine manufacturer´s clamp plate.

  • Jogger Blocks

Jogger Blocks are used for accurate alignment of the paper stack. Manufactured from a hard neoprene plastic, with magnetic strip in the base and rigid handle. Available in various sizes.

  • Cylinder Jackets

They absorb minor damage during printing without damaging the litho impression cylinder. The cylinder jacket is easily and cheaply replaced and ensures perfect printing every time. The cylinder jackets are especially used in numbering and perforating applications.

Printing and Paper Converting Knives

Plastic, Rubber, and Film Knives


Examples of our products for the Plastic, Rubber, and Film industries include:

We manufacture Granulator Knives & Blades from the highest specification materials with a number of heat treatments to withstand wear, deformation, corrosion, and maximise blade performance.

  • Circular Knives 

Circular knives at MASTERCUT can be supplied up to the diameter 600 mm and as small as 20 mm diameter, with different numbers, holes' diameters and bevel's angles. We are happy to provide hardness requirement within 40 to 70 HRC.

  • Packaging Knives

Our Packaging knives can be manufactured in various grades. Can also be coated with a Tin coating to improve wear resistance or Teflon coated to prevent the plastic film adhering to the blade.

  • Razor Blades - Throw away and Stanley type Knives

MASTERCUT Razor Blades include various thickness and lengths, and fit all standard holders.


Plastic, Rubber, and Film Knives

Metal Blades

We provide all machine knives, blades and slitter requirements for the complete process in the Metals manufacturing industries: from raw materials, to the finished end product and recycling.

 All blades are manufactured to OEM specifications in HCHC or Shock Resisting steels. Hardness is adjusted to suit machine capacity and steel specification being sheared. 

Some examples of the products we provide are:

  • Guillotine Shear Blades

Our Guillotine Shear Blades are suitable for cutting Stainless Steels, Profiled Roofing panels and conventional shearing machines. We also offer blades for Corner shears, Notching shears and Ironworker blades.

Metal Blades

Textile Blades

We are specialist manufactures of machine knives within the textile, garment and carpet industries, having a unique selling point of the dimensions of blades that we provide and also the manufacture of specialised products such as knife combs, and toothed blades.

Some examples of the products we manufacture and supply are:

  • Front and back Loom Knives
  • Die knives
  • Scalpel Blades
  • Ledger Blades
  • Sheared Cutters
  • Razor Blades
  • Safety Knives
  • Tufting Blades
  • Band Knives
Textile Blades

Stone Blades

We manufacture Stone cutting Guides and Liner Plates for the manufacture of kerb stones to suit Fielding & Platt, MB Materials Handling, Forest Press, Wil-El-Mil, and Morris Bros Machines. Also we supply Guillotine Bars and Chisels for the facing of Granite and Sandstone Blocks.


All of our Stone cutting Blades are made from made from high hardening, high quality abrasion resistant materials.



Stone Blades

Regrind Service

At MASTERCUT we offer a large capacity sharpening service for various model knives and blades with nationwide collection and return facility.

Professionals at MASTERCUT are experienced to estimate the average sharpening cycle of either your blades or knives to offer free total care service. If you would like we collect your cutters from your premises at estimated periods for re-sharpening. Throughout our contracting, you will always have your blades ready to use, do not need to keep records about next due sharpness, and thus save on man-hours, administrative job, and time management.

Every customer is very special to us. 

Call us now to arrange the collection service of your blades 0845 6588182.



Regrind Service

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