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We are a provider of products and systems for solving connection tasks. Our specialty is the use of sophisticated plastics.

Our products and system solutions

Many companies in the industrial sector are faced with the challenge of transporting or suctioning solids, liquids or gases. There are always many specifics constraints that determine whether a solution is appropriate or not: What material is suitable for specific demands of an application? Are there any legal or miscellaneous regulations to keep in mind (e.g. food safety regulation or conformity to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC)? Such a broad spectrum of considerations calls for custom solutions.

Products and System Solutions

Diameter, minimum bending radius, compressive load, temperature resistance, conformity requirements – these are some of the essential factors to consider when selecting hoses. Our answer to the specific requirements is tailor-made hose designs.

Products and System Solutions

Tubes for Transporting and Suctioning

Here you can find out more about our products and system solutions made of polyurethane, other kinds of special plastic and technically sophisticated fabrics. Find out for yourself why our products are great for transporting and suctioning all kinds of different substances and learn about the specific strengths of each product.

Tubes for Transporting and Suctioning
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