Masterflow UK represent Masterflow AB, a Swedish manufacturer of hot runner systems for plastic injection moulding. Our focus is looking after the polymer. We focus in on the application to ensure we give you the best possible solution to give you maximum yield. Our hot runner systems are capable of running temperature sensitive material such as glass filled Nylon and Acetyl thanks to our screw in bushings and premium cast in heaters.

Bushing and End Caps

 We design and manufacture bushing and end caps. Their specifications include:


  • Best steel used to meet pressure, heat and chemical demands

  • Inside surface and bushing design simplify colour-change

  • Standard enclosed heaters for best heat profile and long life.

  • Economical coil heater versions available on request

  • Separate thermocouples for easy exchange


    Screwed in Manifold Systems

    We help to simplify your injection process and reduce costs by providing a cutting-edge screwed in manifold system. Our bushing shank is screwed into the manifold with direct contact and hold in place by a nut. This contact gives an excellent heat profile between manifold and bushing.

    Valve Gate Systems

    With our valve gate system, we can provide a variety of enhancements, for the automotive, medical, fast cycling, and technical parts moulding industries

    Specifications for our valve gate system include:

    • Cylinder Block or cylinder for close assembly
    • Hydraulic or pneumatic
    • Easy pin adjustment for conical and cylindrical gating
    • Additional pin guide solutions

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