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Here at MAT Systems, we have over 17 years of experience in database design in Hampshire and specialise in developing bespoke applications.

Whether you are looking for a small stand-alone database application, a multi-user networked solution for a larger company or a web-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world we can provide a solution tailored to your exact requirements.

Our database design in Hampshire provides easy to use and affordable solutions, custom designed to save you time and reduce costs, we also provide full support.

Dispatch Software Application

Our dispatch software application is designed specifically for taxi, limousine and chauffeur service companies. Our dispatch software application is very easy to use and boasts many powerful features to benefit any company from a large executive chauffeur service company with a fleet of prestigious vehicles through the smallest of private taxi operators to a new business operating on very tight budget.

Our software is designed to help you run your business more efficiently, helping you to stay fully in control, whilst at the same time presenting a professional and corporate image to your customers. It has account management features to enable you to record details of your regular passengers, including their personal preferences, to ensure you know how to give them the best possible service. Booking confirmations can be sent directly to your clients via email or SMS, including details of the car and driver for security.

Domain - Estate Agent Management Tool

Our domain management tool is specifically designed to meet the needs of estate agents. It will handle both sales and lettings and will create and manage the details of all your properties. We have created the domain management tool to enable you to effectively run the marketing of your properties by holding all your marketing information in one place, including photographs, brochures, floor plans, virtual tours, web links and HIPs. It enables you to quickly and easily upload all your active property details to a variety of web portals and automatically match clients to properties based on client requirements.

Magi - CRM Software

Our Magi - CRM software is a professional CRM tool specifically designed to meet the needs of professional entertainers and magicians. Our Magi - CRM software is easily configured to hold details of your acts, packages and types of show, as well as hold the details of every booking enquiry, for both adult and child events. It will hold the details of the show including date/time, venue, cost, deposit and any relevant notes.   Our Magi system will record the source of each enquiry to asses the effectiveness of your marketing. After each show, it will record the details of the tricks used, games played and prizes used to ensure a repeat booking is a new experience.

Atom - CRM Software

Our Atom - CRM software is a feature-rich, professional CRM tool designed for small businesses. We have designed the Atom - CRM software to manage all of your contacts with the ability to categorise them any way you want. It enables you to send emails and create letters from within the application. These can either be ad hoc or you can use the standard letter templates to quickly and easily draft professional looking letters and emails to your contacts. It has the ability to quickly print address labels for your contacts and includes search tools to quickly find contacts by a variety of search criteria to enable you to do targeted marketing.

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