Matadoors Ltd.


We thank you for this opportunity to help secure your premises.

Matadoors Ltd. has specialized in the development and manufacture of top quality high-security doors for over 34 years.

The company adheres to the highest worldwide standards of the industry.

The company and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture and market a large variety of high-security doors and related products for commercial, residential and institutional use.

Our multi lock system provides formidable protection for your building and its contents. Developed from years of experience, our product range includes maximum security doors whose highly attractive appearance conceals its rugged steel construction.All doors are fitted with the renowned Mul-T-Lock for maximum resistance to extreme impact, leverage and distortion. Our products are tailored to the level and type of potential risk and all doors offered are tested simulating assault with equipment including but not limited to saws,sledgehammers,steel wedges,bolt-cutters,crowbars,gas torches and brick blasters. Matadoors High Security Doors are a complete protective system that incorporates all the latest improvements to secure the entrance.

We urge you to remain aware that 93% of all forced entry involves entry or departure through the door.

Our product protects entrances from those to residential flats through to high profile celebrity homes, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, schools, embassies, jewellers, public transport premises and many other industries where high security to extreme security doors are required.

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