Optimise your design by using physical prototypes during the design process. 

Use Code: APPLEGATE when requesting a quotation and receive a 15% discount on your first order.  Email, with your STL/IGES or STP file for a quick quotation.

Rapid Prototyping has become essential during the design process of a product. By seeing and touching a physical model, you will find it much easier to identify the areas of your product that require improvement.

Materialise offers the complete range of rapid prototyping technologies to realise your product in 3D. We thoroughly analyse your project with you to see which rapid prototyping technology is the best solution for your application.

You can confidently count on the expert knowledge of the Materialise team for file preparation, technology selection, material choice and final finish.

Materialise OnLine Services


Materialise OnSite offers the following online services:

  • Quoting & ordering of NextDay parts, Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering, PolyJet and FDM prototypes
  • Next Day and Fast Track ordering
  • 10% discount on all online orders
  • Quote multiple technologies on one quotation
  • Secure online system, give you the freedom to quote multiple options immediately.
  • Request for quotation for other technologies, e.g. vacuum casting
  • Follow-up of your Materialise orders
  • Shipment tracking
Materialise OnLine Services

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing:

Is your product is aimed at a niche market?

There are numerous applications where the quantities required are too small to justify a conventional production mould investment. Using layer-based technologies for end production offers a way out in this situation.

It not only offer obvious cost and lead-time advantages, but also provides increased design freedom and the possibility to personalise products. Typical applications are concept cars, customised products and freeform design products.

Additive Manufacturing

Low Volume Manufacturing

Low Volume Manufacturing : Continuous improvement of our technologies and software has resulted in a growing demand for small series production parts. It has now become economically feasible to use our rapid prototyping systems to manufacture parts in larger quantities.

We have a whole range of techniques for the production of small series, which can be used for diverse applications:

  • Personalised manufacturing
  • Bespoke finish and custom made parts
  • Test series
  • End production series
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Metal to Plastic design and engineering

Engineering Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

We specialize in providing solutions for your most complex projects from initial design to a finished part.

  • Engineering of B Surface information/data.
  • Get precise digital replicas of your physical parts through optical or technical CT scanning
  • Save weeks in geometry healing and reconstruction of CAD data, scan data and CFD/FEA meshes
  • Save time by having designs modified directly on faceted data
  • Obtain realistic FEA/CFD results through fast design iterations
  • Benefit from our experience in advanced file preparation for additive manufacturing:
  • File repair of scan data or CAD assemblies
  • Transforming a surface model to a watertight STL model ready for RP production

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Engineering Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

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The Materialise Group has its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium.

Your UK Project Management and Sales Team are based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park within Sheffield and are accessible from the M1 motorway Junction 33.

Through branch offices and partnerships in various countries, Materialise offers its products to the global market.

Our physical proximity enables us to provide our technology directly to our customers. In addition, their direct feedback allows us to adapt the products and services better to their specific needs.

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