Matrix International Ltd

A member of the specialised engineering Hay Hall Group, Matrix International is a rapidly expanding and progressive company employing 400 skilled personnel worldwide. From its headquarters in Scotland the company operates in two focussed divisions Motion Control and Engineered Systems reflecting the broad nature of its engineering and manufacturing expertise.

The company is registered to ISO 9001 and has a sales and warehousing facility in Chicago, Illinois, USA with further representation in 25 countries around the world. The recent acquisition of Inertia Dynamics Inc. has enhanced the capabilities of the group with 14000 sq.m. of manufacturing space in Scotland and 5500 sq.m. in North America.

With 60 years experience of delivering high technology and cost effective solutions, Matrix International prides itself on its flexible engineering systems that support design, development, manufacturing and testing of custom solutions. Sophisticated computer controlled test equipment ensures the highest quality and consistency.

Our reputation for engineering excellence ensures Matrix International is committed to continual investment in the latest technology, systems and people.
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