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Mayfran is a global leader in providing technological solutions for scrap and coolant management and material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing and other applications. Mayfran’s products convey, filter, separate, shred, compress and process materials and fluids for the following industries: automotive, aerospace, consumer products, oil and gas, steel processing, solid waste, pulp and paper, medical products, heavy equipment and related industries.

Mayfran GmbH

Mayfran was founded in 1933, has its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and operates on a worldwide scale.

Solutions for chips and coolant management in machine tools

Based on a wide range of products, experienced application and project engineers, who design and install systems across the globe, and the fact that we can boast a great number of successful projects over the years - Mayfran offers a great selection of cost-effective and yield-increasing solutions for the metal processing and recycling industries.

Mayfran GmbH

Systems for central chip transportation and metal chip processing

For machining operations with multiple machine tools, central chip processing and handling systems provide for the automatic handling of scrap with value-added processing to help recover valuable coolant, reduce transportation and disposal costs, and increase the amount that recyclers will pay for your scrap. With a broad range of models to choose from, we can easily scale solutions to fit the size of your operations and the nature of the materials and coolant you use.

Mayfran GmbH

Systems for coolant filtration & coolant management            

Mayfran offers the application experience, range of technologies, and project management and engineering resources required to deliver a successful central coolant filtration system. The ability to combine filtration systems with chip handling solutions provides another advantage.

Mayfran GmbH

Systems for conveying scrap metal       

Mayfran has years of experience with solutions for conveying scrap from metal processing. Hundreds of pressing plants across the globe use Mayfran equipment because of its extraordinary reliability and exceptional durability. With the addition of Press Room Techniques' Shuffle Drive systems, we can provide automated engineering solutions from press-to-loadout, handling nearly any scrap management challenge while reducing labour costs and forklift traffic.

Mayfran GmbH

Recycling and waste handling systems

From scrapyards to material recovery facilities to incinerators, Mayfran offers a range of proven solutions for handling solid waste and recyclables. These include infeed conveyors to balers and shredders, swivelling conveyors for scrap from shares, sorting systems for material recovery facilities, and ash-handling conveyor systems.

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