McKenna Group


Manufacturer of precision components using the 'lost wax' process for industries demanding the highest levels of quality and integrity.

Market sectors include:

Medical (orthopaedic implants)
• Gas Turbine
• Oil and Gas
• Food and Brewing
• Transportation and Communication
• Electrical
• Armaments
• General Engineering
• Aerospace


Our generic range of medical CoCr prostheses means that customer requirements for specific, market proven designs can often be our own stock. Our castings are available either sterile packed, finished or in "as cast "condition.
Generic products available are:

• Austin Moore
• Thompson
• Femoral Balls
• Bi Polar Cups
• Staples (American, piped)
• Staples (Osteotomy)

Typical examples of bespoke CoCr implants are:

• Femoral and tibial knee components
• femoral hip stems
• shoulder
• elbow and wrist components
• instrumentation (in stainless steel 316/304, 17/4PH, ANC2


Mckennas can cast diverse castings in steel, stainless steel, cast iron or associated derivatives ranging from simple low value, high volume components to more specialised precision components.
Commercial components cast include electronic components, bodies, chassis parts, valves, housings, adaptors, tubes and connectors. Supplied to over fourteen different markets including oil and gas, transportation and communication


Mckennas are able to cast to many different specifications in aluminium, be it high volume parts, or more specialised precision components. Typical products manufactured include aircraft cockpit components, chassis components, electronics housings, and components for torpedoes, missiles, avionics, jet engines and secure communications.

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