MCM Conveyors


MCM Conveyors is one of the trading divisions of Amber Industries alongside our other two divisions Amber Automation and Gramac Quartz Systems,each of which specialise in specific mechanical handling solutions utilising their own dedicated portfolio of products.

The key strengths of the company is its core in house team of specialist in system design, configuration, project management, manufacture, control system engineering, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance and service. This means that a complete tailored package (turnkey) solution to every relevant application can be offered to our customers.


Just some of our produts

  • Overhead Chain Conveyors
  • Power and Free Conveyor Systems
  • Overhead Chain Conveyors
  • Manual Free track Systems
  • Inverted Conveyor Systems (chain and P&F)
  • Conveyor Spare Parts and Service

Overhead Chain Conveyor Systems

Overhead and Inverted Power Chain Conveyor Systems utilise a powered continuous chain arrangement, carrying a series of single pendants. The same principal is also used to push a trolley as shown in the diagram to the right. Because of the modular design; installations, system re-arrangements and extensions can be carried out quickly and easily.

Standard vertical and horizontal bends of varying radius and angles are available together with a wide range of spinners, indexers, automatic loaders and unloaders. This means that virtually all process requirements and the most testing of routing configurations can be accommodated.

Many industry sectors benefit from our chain conveyor sysytem technology; automotive, white and brown goods, metal finishing and distribution. A main theme of the division is bespoke design; incorporating fresh and original ideas based on a standard product.

Please see below to view a summary of each of the conveyor systems we manufacture and click the links to see a detailed specification of each conveyor.

Autotrack Power and Free Range

The Autotrack power and free conveyors are all designed with flexibility of routing, bespoke to suit individual applications. The Autotrack power and free conveyors can offer buffer accumulation zones, speed changes to interface with operation processes and automatically route and store dedicated product types.

Dualtrack Floor Conveyor Range

Dualtrack has been specifically designed to operate in the inverted mode, without compromising the stability and positional accuracy of a product. Exceptionally clean in its operation due to the chain track being below the handled product, debris and other contamination is eliminated, which greatly reduces re-work and reject problems.

Powertrack Range

MCM Conveyors enclosed Powertrack range can be confidently utilised to convey varying product types across all industry sectors - Paint Finishing, Automotive, White Goods and Warehousing. Available for light (upto 30kg), medium (upto 100kg), heavy (upto 200kg) and extra heavy duty (upto 550kg) applications

Sidetrack range

Sidetrack conveyors utilise a C shaped hanging pendant which are attached to the conveyor chain through a side mounted slot on the conveyor track. The side mounted pendants on the Sidetrack systems ensure the transported components are shielded from the conveyor chain, thus eliminating the risk of product contamination.

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