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MDM Pumps Ltd specialises in tailor made hygienic pumps manufactured from stainless steel and fitted with FDA approved seals and hygienic connections.

Our pumps are built to last and are used in the brewery, food, soft drinks, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

MDM have four ranges of hygienic centrifugal pumps :

  • 'H' range - hygienic range, stainless steel pumps using advanced designs
  • 'D' range - our standard hygienic centrifugal pumps range with an excellent track record
  • 'GP' range - general purpose offering good hygiene at an excellent price
  • 'CH' range - the ultimate in hygiene and has been assessed to the EHEDG in-place cleanability protocol. 

Scavenge Pumps

MDM Pumps Ltd manufactures 'AS' air separator centrifugal pumps or scavenge pumps which are designed to:

  • Unload liquids from road tankers
  • Scavenge vessels and pipelines in a cleaning in place (CIP) system

Scavenge pumps are similar to flooded suction centrifugal pumps but they come fitted with an air separation chamber. They have the same advantages but can pump mixtures of air and liquid.

Scavenge Pumps

Liquid Ring Pumps

Our liquid ring pumps are very competitively priced and are designed to pump a variety of liquids which contain foam and air bubbles.

MDM liquid ring pumps are capable of self-priming even when the pipe is empty. Our liquid ring pumps are ideally suited for the brewing, soft drinks, dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Options: mobile stainless steel trolleys, stainless steel motor cowls and free standing bases.

Liquid Ring Pumps

Two-Way Pumps

The MDM two-way pumps have been designed for the brewing industry in particular and are used as a fermentation vessel (FV) sample pump.

Our two-way pumps offer you: reduced time to ferment beer, better utilisation of FV facilities and representative samples of the product. Two-way pumps can pump in either direction and are close coupled to a two speed motor.

Two-Way Pumps

Stainless Steel Vent valves

Our stainless steel vent valves have been designed for the food, dairy, soft drinks and brewing industry and are used to vent air from an enclosed pipe or vessel.

We have two types of stainless steel vent valves:

  • Air Escape (AE) which allows venting of air but automatically closes when liquid fills the valve. To prevent air getting back in there is a non-return valve.
  • Air Pass (AP) which allows air to enter and escape and is ideal for tank venting or siphon breaking
Stainless Steel Vent valves

Stainless Steel Strainers

We have a range of stainless steel strainers which are ideal for uses where the removal of the cartridge is important and the construction is robust.

Our stainless steel strainers are fitted with woven wire mesh, wedge wire or perforated sheet cartridges which prevent foreign bodies damaging or blocking equipment such as flow meters, valves and pumps. They also can remove items such as pips, gaskets and fruit skins and also control the size of solids and ingredients that are not dissolved.

Stainless Steel Strainers

Stainless Steel Fabrication

We are highly experienced hygienic stainless steel fabrication experts and we can manufacture your assembly and components or we can repair your existing items.

We have an extensive hygienic stainless steel fabrication service which includes stainless steel pumps, vent valves and strainers and we can also provide:

  • CNC machining
  • Sheet metalwork
  • Welding
  • Polishing and grinding
Stainless Steel Fabrication

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