Meaco Measurement and Control Ltd

Meaco Measurement and Control Solutions offer an unrivalled range of environmental monitors, data loggers and test equipment.  We have specialised in environmental monitoring and control for over 14 years - being the first to develop a wireless telemetry system for monitoring temperature and humidity back in 1993.  Since then we have expanded our range to include handheld monitors and test equipment as well as data loggers and portable environmental control units - humidifiers / dehumidifiers.  

Our monitor range includes:-
  • data loggers
  • wireless data acquisition systems
  • handheld monitors
  • test equipment
  • thermohygrometers
  • water detection systems
  • dry rot and damp sensors
Environmental control products include:-
  • evaporative humidifiers
  • portable refrigerant dehumidifiers
  • conservation heating humidistats (for use with portable units)
  • temperature and humidity controllers
  • plug in humidistats
We specialise in the monitoring of:-
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • lux and uv
  • leak detection
with monitors or data loggers also available to measure:-
  • shock
  • vibration
  • air flow
  • gas
  • visitor numbers
  • pressure
  • RPM
We pride ourselves on supplying products which not only offer excellent value for money but also quality and reliability.  Our range includes brands such as:-
  • Brune
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Tinytag
  • Testo
  • Rotronic
  • Fugenex
  • Aqualarm
Please visit our website for further details of our product range and downloadable PDF datasheets.  If you have any questions or would like further information on any of the products we supply please do not hesitate to contact us.
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