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Meanwell Direct are based in Aldermaston, Berkshire and distribute Meanwell Enterprises Co Ltd switching power supplies, dc-dc converters, adapters, battery chargers and inverters within the United Kingdom.  Meanwell Direct is a trading name of Sunpower Technology LLP, an authorised distributor of Meanwell Electronics power supplies in the UK.

Din Rail Power Supplies

Our din rail power supplies incorporate an outstanding fanless design for installation with a series of industrial rails. 

Din rail power supplies are available from a slim line 20 watt unit to a three phase 960 watt unit and our comprehensive list of models includes MDR-20, MDR-40, MDR-60, MDR-100, and DR-30.

Security Power Supplies

Our security power supplies are available with up to 155W power capabilities. The security power supplies can be incorporated with UPS functions suited for battery back up systems and the security sectors.

We have an extensive range of power models, for example ADS-55, AD-55, ADD-55, ADS-155, AD-155, ADD-155, PSC-60, and PSC-100.

Enclosed Switching Power Supply

Our range of enclosed switching power supply products provide a flexible power source for a variety of applications. They feature excellent parallel operations, UPS functions and modular power.

They can also act as PFC units and are suited for front end power supplies. Our series of enclosed switching power supply models include the G5, G3, G2, G1 series, PFC series, NE series,  and AD series. For din units we offer, LP, ELN, PLC, and ULP.

Open Frame Switching Power Supply

Our open frame switching power supply products begin with models as low as 5 watts up to 250 watts. They are available with single output or additional multi output features.

Standard options on open frame switching power supply items include low leakage current, PFC and free air convection cooling styles such as PCB and Medical PCB. We also provide complete safety certification on including select models for medical use.

These power supplies are ideal for telecommunications, networking, test and measurement, and IT applications.

On Board Power Supply

On board power supply items are designed to integrate with your existing system's PCB board. This saves optimum space and allows for low profile applications with a selection of basic features. 

The on board power supply items include no load power consumption, class II isolation, full protections, and free air convection cooling.

Our on board power supplies are provided with open frames or encapsulated designs and our models include NFM-05, NFM-10, NFM-15, and PM-05.

Applications suited for our power supplies include general electronics and industrial industries and non-patient contact medical applications.

Modular Power Supply

Meanwell's modular power supply products have an innovative designs and power supply solution to satisfy any client requirement.

Modular power supply units include models such as 450W (5 slot), 650W (5 slot) and 1000W (7 slot) models. We also have 75W, 100W, 150W, and 300W modules available. The modular power supply products incorporate functions like remote control and parallel capabilities and remote sensors.

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