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We are the market leading manufacturer and global supplier of medical equipment supplies. Our medical equipment supplies include medical gas pipeline equipment, hose assemblies, oxygen therapy, medical gas test equipment, anaesthetic gas scavenging systems (AGSS) and personal monitors (to measure anaesthetic agent exposure levels).

Since our establishment in 1975, we have developed a strong reputation for design, manufacture, quality and excellent customer service with full technical support and advice.

All products are CE marked and carry a full warranty, backed by a comprehensive range of spares.

Medical Gas Test Equipment

If you are looking for medical gas test equipment, a comprehensive range of sets are available to test and calibrate medical gas pressure.

Our medical gas test equipment ensures terminal units are gas specific and that active anaesthetic gas scavenging systems are adjusted to provide optimal performance.

Medical Piped Gas System Components

We specialise in medical piped gas system components.

We offer a full range of piped gas systems from terminal units to hose assemblies. Whether you are an, AP, ODA, Engineer, EBME, Estates Department or Ambulance Trust, we provide you with components of the highest standard tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems

We offer a wide variety of anaesthetic gas scavenging equipment. This includes our Purair range. This range provides a choice of products for a variety of applications including Maternity, Midwifery and Dentistry.

We also provide an AGSS receiving system, used in operating theatres, dental clinics, day surgeries and A and E departments.

Electric Suction

We provide a range of electric suction products, suitable across the suction spectrum from high vacuum/high flow through, to low vacuum/low flow applications.

Each suction unit is fitted with a bacterial filter or hydrophobic filter with various size collection jars.

Medical Plant

We provide comprehensive medical plant solutions.

The MEC range of AGSS Simplex and Duplex plants are designed for maximum life and reliability. They require minimum maintenance. All plants are designed and built to HTM 2022 and BS 6834. We also build custom plants to your specific requirements.

Ambulance Pipeline Systems

We provide a range of products especially designed for ambulance use.

They include terminal units, pipelines, regulators, flow meters, change over valves and modular pipeline systems. All equipment is precisely manufactured and is quality assured and CE marked.

Personal Anaesthetic Gas Monitors

We provide a variety of personal anaesthetic gas monitors for measuring levels of Nitrous Oxide, Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane and Enflurane. The monitors are supplied ready to wear and are lightweight, unobtrusive and cost-effective.

Current COSHH regulations require assessment of the risk of health of personnel potentially exposed to hazardous substances.

As part of the service, we provide a comprehensive written report detailing the results for comparison against Occupational Exposure Standards.

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