MECI Ltd (formerly MEC Int'l), are Distributors of quality Electro-mechanical components and interconnect solutions, and are suppliers of plastic PCB Hardware and Semiconductor Accessories.


Keystone Electronics Corporation

Makers of Battery Holders, Battery Clips, Battery Contacts and Battery Straps.

Multimec switches & Tact switches

Distributors of Multimec, Unimec, Navimec, illumec, Foilmec, Varimec PCB switches from MEC Denmark in Surface Mount & Through-Hole styles.  Popular type numbers are RA3ATL, RA3CTL, RA3ETL, RA3ESH, RA3FTL, RA3FSH, 4FTH.  Now available are the 5E/5G series new generation of switches, made only in high-temp plastics to withstand today's advanced soldering processes.

Also, from Amega Tech are low cost small tactile (tact) switches, push switches and slide switches. 

Panel Mounting Neon Indicators

European made quality and cost effective Neon Indicators in a variety of diameters for front panel applications.  Wire Leaded or Faston Tags are options.  Cut-out sizes of 6mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm.

Transistor Insulators

Nylon Shoulder Washers & Bushes from MECI.  Can combine them with insulators in either Mica, Aluminium Oxide (AlOx), or silicone rubber from Warth, now Laird Technologies.

Transistor mounting pads in all sizes, with equivalents to old Jermyn and Milton Ross types.

Kits of parts are available offering complete insulation solutions.

Solder Tags & Terminals

Solder tags and terminals from Collett Terminals and from Keystone Electronics Corp.  Crimp terminals and push-on terminals.  Solderless and uninsulated terminals. Ring and Fork terminals.

Utilux (Klauke) terminals on reels or loose packed are also available.


Alkaline batteries in AA, AAA, C, D and 9v PP3, and other popular sizes from GP Batteries.

Lithium coin cell batteries including CR2032 size from Panasonic.

IMO Electronics

From IMO Electronics, we distribute terminal blocks, telecom and power relays and LEDs.

Tajimi metal circular Connectors / TMW

Tajimi / TMW metal circular connectors.  Popular types are R04 waterproof circular connectors and PRC05 push-pull connectors.

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