Medem (UK) Ltd

Situated in Altrincham Cheshire, Medem UK Manufacture a range of gas safety panels. Gas Pressure Proving for use in laboratories, gas detection for boiler and plant rooms as well as the panel featured here, designed for commercial kitchens.

Our belief in offering complete solutions is reflected by the close working relationship we have built with our clients and from our commitment to design and build quality.

As well as designing and manufacturing gas safety panels we also offer the latest guidance on the interpretation of standards relating to application of our products within the built environment. We can carry out technical and product presentations at client premises which would also cover the latest legislation in relation to applications involving our products.

Turn key packages that include on site installation are also available. Turnkey includes a 24 hour helpline for use by kitchen staff and maintenance engineers.

We now supply direct from our factory and not through distributors, this enables us to give full technical advice and support of our product range directly to our clients and end users.
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