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Our complete Medezine 4000 Autopsy Saw is powerful enough to cope with the demands of the mortuary and handle health endangering dusts. This makes it acceptable for hospital use. An environment where the disposal and collection of specific debris is subjected to strict control.

The Saw Hand Piece

To reduce user fatigue we have a well balanced cutting head weighing 1300g. This unit is fed from a power supply operating at a very safe 40 volts. Completely sealed & watertight to IPX7, this allows appropriate sterilisation without dismantling. The enclosed motor cannot become contaminated and therefore there is no dangerous aerosol effect. 

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Plaster Saws

2 of our Plaster Saws are:

  • Oscimed 2000 Plaster Saw
  • Oscimed Ergo Plaster Saw

Some of the key features

  • Our saws are developed to be light and able to be used single-handedly
  • You can change the blades instantly
  • Provided with depth gauge and adjustable guide

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Plaster Saws

Plaster Instruments

We do a range of Plaster Instruments:

  • MP2011
  • MP2010
  • MP1991C
  • MP2034
  • MP2032

We also do: MP1811, MP1985, MP1996, MP1992C, MP1989, MP1979, MP2021

Plaster Instruments


This Medecool cooling unit has been designed for deceased infants/neonates.  In a hospital environment it allows the family more time with their deceased babies. The units have been designed and developed by the specialist units and bereaved families.

The unit can be placed in a moses basket or bassinette. In cases of small babies the carrier can be placed on the tray. The tray is discrete and can be covered by crib covers and blankets. As long as the tray is switched on the temperature will stay at 10'c. .

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