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MEKALL have been manufacturing in the UK for clients in the Aerospace, Defence, Agricultural, Instrumentation, Fitness and Premium Consumer Goods markets for more than 25 years.

We have state of the art equipment that enables us to produce samples quickly and easily, and full production facilities that allow us to keep costs down and ensure our prices are competitive whilst our quality is second to none.

Our design team are available to turn concept designs into products, and we are well used to being involved through any and all stages of product evolution.

The key products that we supply are:

Membrane Keypads / Keyboards / Switches
Graphic Overlays and Fascia Panels
Screen Printed Labels
Sub-Contract Machining and Sheet Metal Work

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Membrane Products

At Mekall we custom design membrane panels to meet your specifications and can incorporate a wide range of switch types such as tactile, polydome and non-tactile. We can include integrated lighting solutions using surface mount LED’s, and can also build in shielding for RFI/EMC protection. ITO coated conductive windows and various connector types can be selected as required.

Membrane panel technology incorporates many benefits including reliability of operation, attractive appearance, space and cost savings and increased functionality to name a few, all adding to the perceived added value of a product. They bring the advantage over conventional push button panels of allowing easy sealing against moisture and chemicals and are therefore found in everyday life on items such as exercise machines, office printers and copiers, and various items in the home including microwave ovens and tv remote controls. They are extensively used to control machinery in factories and laboratories.

Panels may be supplied with an adhesive backing or metal back plate fully finished with fixing studs or similar as required. Small, medium and high volume production quantities as well as fast turnaround prototypes are all within our capabilities.

We are often asked to supply replacement panels to repair or refurbish equipment, we can match and often enhance the functionality of such equipment with our high quality products.

For all your membrane switch, membrane keyboard or membrane keypad requirements, Mekall can help.

Graphic Overlay and Fascia Products

A graphic overlay is typically used as part of a control panel to give indication of the functions of buttons, switches, and similar.

Graphic overlays can be used for many different applications in fields such as electronics, medical, aerospace, automotive and white goods. Characteristics such as surface finish and multiple colour requirements can be catered for and the result will be hard wearing, attractive and personalised. The overlays will be accurately produced to fit around and over features of the item they will be attached to, and are typically adhesive backed for easy fitment.

Mekall often supply complete fascia panels, which are typically graphic overlays mounted onto steel or aluminium back plates. These will be designed and supplied to meet your requirements and will incorporate desired fastening and location solutions.

Sub-Contract Machining and Sheet Metal work

Mekall offer a full range of CNC and conventional machining services, including any required metal finishing processes such as painting, coating, anodising or similar.

We offer sheet metal fabrication including forming, folding, precision punching and laser cutting and various joining facilities including TIG, MIG and resistance welding.

With our expertise in printing and membrane panel technology, coupled with machining and sheet metalwork, we specialise in supplying fully assembled control system backplates with any required graphics and controls mounted on aluminium, steel or lighter plates, complete with fixings.

Mekall aim to supply a ‘one stop shop’ service, so any processes that we cannot handle in house can be sub-contracted, typically within our group, meaning that we take care of everything and you receive a finished product with Mekall’s standard guarantee of high quality and complete customer satisfaction.


Mekall produce high quality, multiple colour and layered labels supplied cut individually or in sheet form. We offer a variety of materials to suit your particular application and the appropriate adhesive solutions are applied. Designs can be as simple or complicated as you wish, quality is assured regardless. We now offer a full range of security labels, including tamper proof, void when pealed, non-reusable and so on.

Surfaces can be reverse printed, surface printed, overlaminated…with our many years of experience we will ensure that the most appropriate solution is offered.

Sequential numbering, random shape, bar coded- the possibilities are many and varied.

We offer a full colour matching service, as well as in-house design capability to meet your requirements. We take into account the environment that the labels will be used in when we make recommendations about the finish and adhesive that should be used.

We often supply labels that complement other products from our range, with customers sourcing perhaps membrane panels or graphic overlays as well as labels of their logos and other items such as CE marking labels.

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