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Here at Merlin, we manufacture quality cleaning chemicals for a variety of industries including catering, contract cleaning, leisure, laundry, brewing, food processing, industrial cleaning, transport, facility management and care homes.

As an experienced hygiene chemical manufacturer, our flexibility has led to over 300 product formulations. This has been made possible by a technical team with a combined industry knowledge of over six decades.

Our speciality products include graffiti and chewing gum removers, wick air freshener, purple beerline cleaner and super concentrated detergents.

We are continuing to improve product performance, whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

Own Label Products

We specialise in the production and supply of own label products. Our own label product customers include distributors, janitorial suppliers, catering and hygiene supplies companies.

Catering Hygiene

Good hygiene standards, training, COSHH assessment, food poisoning bacteria are some of the key concerns for large and small businesses. The Legend Range aim to provide a solution to these concerns, to the standards required of the latest Food Hygiene Regulations.

Our product range include kitchen degreasers, detergent sanitiser, washing up liquids, machine dishwash chemicals, machine glasswash chemicals, hand soaps, stainless steel polish and oven cleaners.

Floor Care

Our floor care products are formulated for the professional, for ease of use, economy and outstanding results.

Our range consists of:

Hand and Body Hygiene

Our hand and body hygiene range consists of fragranced and non fragranced luxury pearlised soaps, bacterial soap effective against MRSA, alcohol hand sanitiser and shower gel.

Hard Surface Cleaners

Our range contains outstanding products designed to tackle the hardest cleaning tasks. Formulated for the professional cleaning contractor to clean and deodorise offices, schools, council buildings, estate cleaning, factories, and care homes.

This range includes:

Vehicle Cleaning

Our vehicle cleaning product range contains powerful cleaning agents, safe to use on all vehicle exteriors. They are designed to work quickly to remove the heaviest of road dirt and grime.

The range includes:

Washroom Hygiene

Our washroom hygiene range consists of products capable of providing a high quality intensive cleaning of sanitary ware and washroom surfaces.

Our products include acidic based bactericidal cleaner and a comprehensive range of toilet cleaners.

Housekeeping Hygiene

The core housekeeping hygiene products in this range are designed for light duty, regular cleaning of rooms. They are ready to use and pleasantly fragranced. These product include bactericidal cleaners, glass and mirror cleaner, air freshener and furniture polish.

The Legend liquid laundry products are formulated for professional auto dosing. Highly concentrated and designed to give out standing results. With superb whiteness, softness and pleasant fragrance to washed laundry. The range includes high and low temperature destainers to tackle protein, bleachable and persistent food stains.

Ice Melt

We stock Ice Melt products designed for safe de-icing and ice prevention. Ice Melt will remove hazardous ice deposits on:

  • Car parks
  • Walkways
  • Rails
  • Railway platforms
  • Stairs
  • Ramps
  • Loading bays

Protect Against Swine Flu

We supply alcohol-based instant hand sanitiser gel to protect against swine flu and MRSA. Instant hand sanitiser gel is easy to use with no need for water or soap. It is non purfumed and is fully biodegradable.

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