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Merlo UK Ltd is the sole importer of Merlo SpA telehandler products for the UK and the Republic of Ireland, including over 70 models of farm handlers and telescopic handlers for the construxtion industry.

Based in Ringwood, Hampshire, Merlo UK supplies and supports two independent distributor networks, serving the construction and farm sectors. As well as territory-based Regional Managers, the Ringwood base houses a technical support team and full parts facility.

Merlo proudly claims to be the 'World Leader in Handler Design' and is renowned for its innovative design concepts, many of which have been adopted by other manufacturers:

  • First side-engined telehandler - 1986 (Panoramic)
  • First rotary telehandler - 1990 (Roto)
  • First telehandler/tractor - 2000 (Multifarmer)

Merlo has a particular reputation for producing compact and highly manoeuvrable telescopic handlers. The blend of hydrostatic transmission and side-engine has resulted in a machine significantly smaller in size and lighter than other brands.

Safety has always been at the forefront of Merlo design and the visibility from Merlo telehandlers is almost legendary in the industry.

As a telehandler specialist Merlo offers an unequalled choice of CE telehandlers or for farm applications:-

Panoramic Telehandlers

Designed for site use, Panoramic telehandlers cover a lift range from 6m to 18m. There are four specific CE site handler groups; the Compact 6m-9m series, Panoramic 7m-10m, Panoramic Highlift 12m-14m, and the Panoramic Ultra-highlift 16-17m machines.

These are all rigid frame, hydrostatic transmission telehandlers, with the same 995mm wide cab and surrounded by a ‘Ring of Steel’ for protection on-site!

Many models feature Merlo’s patented ‘integral chassis sideshift’, providing millimetric adjustment of the load position at height, without repositioning the machine. Above 10m lift height, all have levelling chassis and stabilisers for enhanced stability at height.

Ultra Compact Panoramic Telehandlers

A new generation of super-compact telehandlers is finding wide acceptance on city job sites. Merlo’s latest telehandler is the P25.6 – lifting to 6m, yet only 1800mm wide. Not only is it incredibly compact, Merlo designers have managed to combine a full-sized cab (the same 995mm width as all the others), with an incredibly low boom position, giving superb operator visibility for confined space operation.

There is even a low profile telescopic handler version - at only 1.77m high it will go into the smallest site applications as well as be used in the poultry industry.  Although it has an exceptionally low profile, it still has a full-size cab and legendart Merlo visibility.  That's the new P25.6 L.

High Capacity Telehandlers

A huge growth sector in recent years has been the 6-12 tonne lift capacity telehandler. Invaluable for off-loading structural steel and rebar on-site, these formidable Merlo telescopic handlers are also used in wider, general industry. Hydrostatic drive and up to 140HP engines, gives these machines the power they need, along with the tremendous precision in placing needed for the safe handling of these big loads.

Municipality Telehandlers

Just imagine how useful a combination of telehandler and tractor could be for a municipality or utility company. Now, you don’t need to, because it’s here in the form of the new Merlo Multi-Tool!

The bright, orange and grey livery gives it away as a municipality machine. At the front end, it’s a 3 tonne lift capacity telescopic handler with either 6m or 8.55m lift height. At the back, it’s a 120HP tractor with three-point linkage and direct drive PTO. And, there’s no compromise here – the Multi-Tool does both jobs well!

And being a telescopic handler, it can do the jobs of a forklift, lifting equipment and there is even a dedicated and fully certified personnel platform.

Roto - telehandlers slewing through 360 degrees

The Roto concept adds the fourth dimension of slewing to the telehandler’s arsenal, making these simply the most versatile telehandler on a job site.

Originally designed as a high lift forklift for confined spaced, Rotos have now been developed into true, multipurpose machines. In addition to their original forklift role, Rotos can be fitted with interchangeable equipment suiting them for light lifting operations, or as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms.

When fitted temporarily with lifting attachments such as a 4 tonne winch, Rotos will comply with the new EN13000 Standard from July 2010. Whilst, when used with a Merlo platform attachment, they fully comply with EN280, the European Standard for MEWPS. A true multi-purpose machine – both safe and productive in every role.

There are three families of Roto, of varying capacity, lift height and sophistication. The Flagship MCSS range includes independently set vertical outriggers and a unique computerised stability system that uniquely permits asymmetrical extension of the stabilisers for use in confined spaces.  Simplicity itself, with a one-button setting system.

Roto MCSS is now available with a lift height of up to 30m or a 6 tonne maximum lift capacity.

Turbofarmer - farm productivity!

Next to his tractors, a farmer’s telehandler is his most essential piece of kit these days.

And Merlo has an unequalled range of farm telescopic handlers. All are hydrostatic drive, for power and precision and, quite simply, sheer ease of use! With engine power from 102 to 120HP, and lifting heights of 7 and 10m – all with Merlo’s trademark huge cab, fantastic visibility and the ‘Ring of Steel’.

Compact Farm telehandlers

Sometimes, farmers need a low profile telehandler for older buildings, or even a Super-Compact handler for really tight spots. Merlo, of course, has these as well!

Merlo Compact Turbofarmers are only 2m wide and the low profile version is only 2m tall, as well. All with a 100HP turbo diesel engine and hydrostatic drive. And, where space is really at a premium, there is the new Ultra Compact Panoramic P25.6 – only 1800mm wide but with a full-size cab and a great performance!

Multifarmer - combining tractor and telehandler

How useful would it be for a farmer to be able to combine the lifting performance of a telehandler with the versatility of a tractor? Well he can, with the brilliant Multifarmer from Merlo.

At the front end, it’s a 3 tonne lift capacity telehandler with either 6m or 8.55m lift height. At the back, it’s a 120HP tractor with three-point linkage and direct drive PTO. And, there’s no compromise here – the Multifarmer does both jobs well!

Telehandler Attachments

Most telehandler manufacturers are content to farm out (no pun intended) attachments. But, Merlo has its own attachment design and manufacturing company, capable of achieving the very best matching of attachment to base machine.

There are dedicated lifting and personnel attachments, as well as a literally huge range of forks, buckets, grabs etc.

Telehandler Rental

Sorry, but Merlo UK Ltd has no rental department, but there are many fine Plant Hire companies offering Merlo telehandlers for hire. Please contact our main office at Ringwood for local details or, of course, your local Merlo dealer for their recommendation of telescopic handler rentals.

Telehandler Sales

All retail sales of Merlo telescopic handlers are made through our dual network of dealers, either CE or farm based. Please contact our main office at Ringwood for local details.

Telehandler Parts and Service

All retail parts and technical support is provided through our dual network of dealers, either CE or farm based. Please contact our main office at Ringwood for local details.

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