MESKA Hartgestein-Prüfplatten GmbH


Meska Präzisionswerk Hartgestein-Prüfplatten GmbH: Precision granite, special machine design up to 7m in length, measuring and control plates, angles, measuring tables, overhauls, certificates
Production from the rough slab through to precision granite from one source! Our service begins with the selection of granite on-site. Each rough slab is checked for cracks or veins. We ensure that only the best material is processed.

MESKA Hartgestein-Prüfplatten GmbH

We carry Gabbro and Diabase hard stones up to size 6500 x 2800mm. Thanks to our stock of around 3,000 tons, we can ensure short delivery times. Saving time and transportation routes. Using CNC technology, the blocks are cut with maximum material yield.

The sizes 7500 x 2800mm are coarsely and finely ground to the highest precision. Plate perforations, threaded inserts in every size, notches with notch jaws to the desired precision and positioning. The latest CAD-CAM technology to the desired level of production depth.

MESKA Hartgestein-Prüfplatten GmbH
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