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We have over 40 years of experience in industrial metal detectors, food safety metal detectors, mining metal detectors, quarry metal detectors, conveyor metal detectors, and metal contamination detectors.

We are established in the electronic metal detector business and have an extensive range of metal detection solutions applicable to a wide array of industries. One of our specialities is industrial metal detectors and we can offer many optional extras as well.

High Sensitivity Food-Grade All-Metal Detectors

We supply high sensitivity food-grade all-metal detectors that offer complete protection against metal contamination in areas where there is a high risk such as in the food packaging industry.

We have four high sensitivity food-grade all-metal detectors that cover the following codes:

  • The C range - compact range, all-in-one system
  • The P range - pipeline range
  • The H range - heads only range
  • The S range - small range
  • The E range - separate electronic unit to be combined with a search coil of the types P or S

TN77 Tunnel Type Ferrous Metal Detector

Our TN77 tunnel type ferrous metal detector is a tunnel-type unit installed onto a conveyor system.

The TN77 tunnel type ferrous metal detector enables a continuous inspection to be performed on any non-metallic or non-conductive material.  These units will prevent digger teeth, drill rods, crusher plates, bars, chains, nuts and bolts from damaging the crushers and shredders.

QTA Tunnel Type Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Detector

Our QTA tunnel type ferrous and non-ferrous detector gives you an automatic and continual search of large quantities of material or processed matter which are non-conductive or non-metallic.

The QTA tunnel type ferrous and non-ferrous detector has a search coil that can be supplied in a standard size or made to order. They can also be configured in arrangements to suit special or extra deep burden applications.

QDC Tunnel Type Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Detector

We provide a QDC tunnel type ferrous and non-ferrous detector to detect for all forms of processing plant against tramp metal in many sizes from swarf through to channel irons or bolts.

Our QDC tunnel type ferrous and non-ferrous detector can easily be put into a belt conveyor, pipelines, chutes or any similar equipment. The search coil has a range of aperture sizes to suit whatever your needs maybe.

Pipeline Metal Detector

Our pipeline metal detector is specifically designed for pipelines, chutes, continuously fed materials or any other free fall situations.

Our pipeline metal detector is available in standard sizes to suit pipelines from 25mm to 200mm. They are available in basic metal detector only or in other configurations. The metal detector electronics and search coil are combined in a single slim-line and compact unit that requires minimal head room for installation.

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