Metal Finishings Ltd


We offer two types of sulphuric anodising: normal sulphuric anodising and hard anodising. Normal sulphuric anodising is very corrosion resistant and may be dyed. Our process conforms to Def Stan 03-25 as well as others. Hard anodising provides even higher corrosion resistance as well as other useful qualities.

Chromic Anodising

Our chromic anodising process conforms to Def Stan 03-24 and other specifications.

Chromate Conversion Coating

Chromate conversion coatings are generally known by their tradenames, Alocrom 1200, Alocrom 1000 and Iridite. Metal Finishings Ltd offers the yellow chromating process ("1200") and the "1000" process. We also offer a chromium free, RoHS compliant alternative - Iridite NCP coating.


We offer two phosphate coatings - zinc phosphate and iron phosphate. These are generally used as a pretreatment to painting.

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