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Metal Sheets Limited manufactures bespoke products for niche markets and we sell sheet metal.

We have a department specialising in distressing and the application of patina finishes to our sheets, light and dark patina zinc, bronzed aged copper and brass and blackened steel.

Our sheet stock includes Copper, Antimicrobial Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Zinc, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, Black Steel, Bright Steel and Pewter sheets.

A group business sells popular cut sizes and sample sizes online.

We manufacture Metal Table Tops, Bar Tops, Counter Tops and Interior Design Features in Copper, Zinc, Brass, Pewter, Stainless  steel, (Rustic, Shabby Chic, Steam Punk & Traditional). We also make bespoke Kitchen Splashbacks, (Commercial & Domestic), Kick Plates, Push Plates, Security Panels for Doors, Magnet Notice Boards and Unbreakable Stainless Steel Mirrors.  Plus general sheet metal fabrication in Zinc, Copper, Brass, Stainless, Aluminium and other metals.

We supply metal sheets for Photo & Film Shoots, (Large or Small quantities and Cut to Size)

Our fabrication equipment includes CNC Press Brake, Folders, Guillotines, Punches, CNC plasma cutting, TIG  anf MIG welding.

Brass Sheets

Traditional Yellow Brass Sheet Metal    

MetalSheets are brass sheet metal suppliers to all sectors of industry, including interior design, education, jewellery making, craftwork and the general public. We sell part sheets, full sheets and cut to size. A selection of pre-cut sizes are available in our Online Store.

We also manufacture brass table tops, counter tops, kitchen unit cladding, and other items.

Brass Sheets

Copper Sheet

Classic Copper and Antimicrobial Copper

MetalSheets are copper sheet metal suppliers to all sectors of industry, health service, education, craftwork, jewellery making supplies and the public. We sell part sheets, full sheets and cut to size. A selection of pre-cut sizes are available in our Online Store.

We manufacture copper table tops, counter tops, copper doors, roof flashings, roofing soakers, splashbacks, bonded panels and other items. (Note: our natural copper table tops are antimicrobial)

Copper Sheet

Zinc Sheet

Zinc Sheet                                    

Zinc sheet metal is traditionally used to create distinctive long lasting architectural building features and finials but it is increasingly being used in interior design to create rustic charm and character in features such as tabletops, counter tops, kitchen units, advertising display and wall cladding.

MetalSheets are zinc sheet importers, distributors and suppliers to the trade, (and public), sheet widths up to 1100mm, (very competitive prices), and we manufacturer zinc products.

We supply zinc sheet in natural, preweathered and interesting patinas to give distressed, aged and other interesting effects.

In nature, bright zinc sheet on a roof will develop a light grey patina typically in 6 months to 2 years depending on the atmosphere. This patina naturally reduces the corrosion rate to about 1 micron of metal per year so a 0.8mm thick zinc sheet should last around 80 years.

Zinc cladding and flashings for roofing are becoming more popular for replacing stolen lead flashings because they are about 40% lighter in weight compared with the same thickness lead. The scrap price is about 50% less than lead so there is much less incentive to steal them. We stock preweathered zinc sheet so waiting for nature to take its course can be side stepped.

Zinc Sheet

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Metal Table Tops

Zinc & Brass & Copper Table Tops for Brasseries, Bistros, Restaurants, Cafeteriors & Domestic Dining

Metal Sheets manufactures standard and custom size Table Tops, Bar Tops and Interior Design Products for the trade and public. Rustic, Distressed, Shabby Chic, Steam Punk or Traditional enquiries 

Key Features

                  Tops have a core of MDF, WBP or Birch plywood. Thickness range from 18mm to 100mm.                   

                  The tops are typically manufactured by wrapping metal sheet around the sides and back underneath the ply.

                  The corners are fully welded.

                  Finishes include natural, matte. weathered / distressed, bronzed

                  Sizes up to 100cm seamless Round, and seamless Rectangular  up to 285cm x 100cm,

                  Sizes with a centre seam up to 150cm diameter or 300cm x 150cm rectangular 

Metal Table Tops
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