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For over 50 years, we have been developing our experience in superior viscous damper repair and now provide a comprehensive service for all types and brands of viscous dampers, including Holset viscous dampers.   We are approved by Lloyds, DNV and Bsi to International Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001. We provide an in-house viscous damper repair and on-site repair for viscous dampers with a diameter over 1500mm.   We offer expert emergency repair and offer a reconditioning service for dampers and our team of technical experts are already to discuss and advise you on your project.

Damper Analysis

Detrimental damper failure can result from a severe lack of damper analysis.

Once damper analysis has been undertaken, damaged or faulty dampers can be repaired and restored to their original standard. Damper analysis can include the dampers being stripped and cleaned.

Viscous Damper Service

Our viscous damper service includes assessment of damage and subsequent technical support and repair. Our viscous damper service offers remachining for internal damage and reassembly using advanced materials to increase the life span of your dampers.

Viscous damper service provides vacuum and pressure testing to help calculate the volume of silicone fluid needed during operation.

The dampers are entirely reconditioned and reach all current safety and technical guidelines.

Silicone Testing

Our silicone testing service assesses the silicone fluid within the damper. The silicone fluid after time and constant heat absorption loses its viscosity value. Sampling plugs are fitted into the cover plate so samples of the fluid can be extracted and analysed.

Silicone testing evaluates the condition of the damper internally and its performance efficiency. We can estimate the service life of the damper. Where there is no internal damage, we recommend the overhaul is done when the silicone fluid has a 50 percent reduction in viscosity value.

Damper Support

Our viscous dampers operate using a high viscosity silicone fluid to create damping torque by shearing the film of fluid around the inertia ring mass. Our damper support services give you a repair and assessment service protecting the life and performance of your dampers.

During damper support we look for a number of underlining issues that may show damage to your dampers. For example, colourless or light brown shades of liquid that are free from particles indicate no internal damage.

Torsional Dampers

Our selection of torsional dampers range in various sizes from 100mm to 4000mm in diameter. Our typical torsional dampers are supplied by manufacturers include ABC, Bergen Diesel, Bolnes, Fiat, Daewoo, H.H.M. China, and Mitsui.

Torsional dampers from Paxman, Mak, Guascor and Volvo are also available. 

Design Skills

Our design skills are built upon our wealth of experience in the application of viscous torsional vibration dampers.

Our design skills also cover transmission dampers for machines tools to prevent gear chatter and reduce harshness and noise that can contribute to passenger discomfort. We also apply design skills to working with diesel engine camshaft dampers.

We are always looking forward to hearing from new customers and advising them on relevant torsional vibration characteristics and systems that would suit their needs.

Damper Repair

We have extensive experience in the field of damper repair services and offer a complete damper repair on a range of types and brands.

Our team of skilled technicians are always available to advise and help with any aspect of your project.

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