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Metallbau Emmeln has existed for 40 years and employs approx. 80 highly skilled employees today. Our manufacture segments which, at first sight, seem to be very unequal, enable us to have specialists on-site in various technical areas, thus achieving a very important portion of in-house production.

Design and development, construction, manufacture, distribution, and assembly are carried out and centralized at our plant in Haren/Ems. This kind of organization ensures that we are in a position to offer professional high-end service to our customers at all times. For us, innovation and advisory service go without saying.

Particular requirements are demanded from offshore containers which other containers cannot fulfil.

Offshore container are used for transport of goods, enclosure of machines, facilities and controls, as storage rooms, as housing for people on oil and gas platforms, on transformer platforms for wind power stations, or other installations at sea.

Metallbau Emmeln-GmbH

Beside the aggressive maritime climate, also mechanical strains pose considerable challenges for the corrosion protection. In addition, demands for the material and its structural strength are extreme, especially during transport and loading at sea amidst high waves.

In order to mathematically capture the exceptional requirements, different mostly national or company-specific norms and policies were developed. Among the variety of these norms, the “DNV” (“Det Norske Veritas”) excelled as one of the most reliable, most generally accepted and most extensive ones.

Therefore, Metallbau Emmeln has been specializing in the production of offshore containers according to DNV 2.7-1 and -2, as well as EN 12079.

Development and control/certification are performed in cooperation with GL (Germanischer Lloyd).

Our products: fire-resistant containers, sound absorbing containers, special containers, containers for switch cabinets

Metallbau Emmeln-GmbH
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