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At Metalweb, we specialise in the supply of a wide range of first stage aluminium products sourced from around the world. Supplies are available in any quantities, types and sizes to meet your requirements at competitive prices.

Our aluminium products include:

  • Plate and sheet
  • Tooling plate including cast, mould and rolled
  • Round, square, flat and hexagon bars
  • Tubes and other extruded shapes
  • Plate circles and plate rings
  • Forgings

Aluminium Rolled Plate

There are many hundreds of types and sizes of plate and sheet in metalweb’s stock range. For non-stock sizes, through our reserved allocation, lead times can be scheduled to meet your requirements.

metalweb’s stock range of aluminium plate and aluminium sheet contains numerous sizes, alloys, and tempers.

It includes:

  • Plate from 6mm/ ¼” thick up to 500mm thick in our standard range
  • Plate thicker than 500mm can be supplied as special requests
  • Standard and bespoke plate sizes are available
  • Sheets from 0.5mm thick to 6mm thick
  • Sheets are available in standard commercial grades as well as SPF (super plastic forming)
  • Sheets in standard 2000mm x 1000mm; 2500mm x 1250mm and 4000mm x 2000mm sizes are available
  • Super size sheets longer than 4000mm (for example for marine applications) can also be supplied
  • Sheets can be supplied polycoated to ensure they arrive in pristine condition

The ‘metalweb aluminium Handbook & Stock List’ has details of the complete standard range of sizes available from stock – please ask for your copy. It also contains advice on choosing the correct alloy as well as having details on available patterned sheet and plate, for example 5 bar treadplate.

Aluminium Bar

Up to 2 1⁄2″ diameter the standard length is 12′ or 4 metres. Over that diameter the lengths are random. If you require shorter lengths we will be pleased to cut to any length required. If longer than standard lengths are needed, we can supply against a special order.

Radiused Flats and Squares

We normally stock flat and square bars with square corners. However, for many of the more popular sizes we also stock bars with radiused corners. If special radiuses are required we can supply against a special order.


6082T6 or 2014T6 are normally the alloys chosen for machinability, but if ultra high speed machining is required, 2011/6262 are more suitable.


If an anodised finish is required, you must take care not to store metal for long periods prior to anodising, as this can result in pit corrosion which is difficult to remove.

Aluminium Stockholder

metalweb are a leading AS9100 accredited UK metals stockholder and processor. As part of ‘Reliance Steel & Aluminum’ – a multi-billion dollar US company – metalweb have the global resources to deliver a service at the price and quality you need for your organisation. metalweb bring you the best of everything from a wide range of stock; nationwide coverage; quality approvals with full traceability through to a comprehensive processing capability and delivery service.

Aluminium Tube

We offer a variety of other aluminium extruded products in a range of alloys, sizes and tempers, which includes aluminium tubes. Our aluminium tubes are available in both metric and imperial sizes and include square, circles, round and rings.

Aerospace Aluminium

Metalweb supply a number of aerospace companies across the supply chain from OEMs through to primes and second tier sub-contractors. Our existing customer approvals include a number of major providers.

In addition a number of other market sectors are increasingly using the advantages of ‘aerospace grade’ material, including notably motorsport applications.  These advantages include:

  • ultrasonically scanned material
  • aerospace quality stretched material
  • aerospace quality heat  treated material
  • full aerospace grade traceability

As a result metalweb keep in stock a growing range of aerospace grade aluminium material. This primarily, but not exclusively, includes:

  • L93
  • L95
  • L111
  • L160
  • L168
  • 7010
  • 7050
  • 7075
  • 7475
  • 2124
  • 2024
  • 2618

Other AMS grades of both 2000 series and 7000 series aluminium are available directly from our parent company ‘Reliance Steel & Aluminum’ group stock.

Tooling Plate

There are three main types of tooling plate available from metalweb:


A continuous cast plate machined both sides to about 25 microinch finish and thermally stress relieved. Has best thickness tolerance of any aluminium plate plus maximum stability. Excellent for precision applications such as electronic base or mounting plates, photo vacuum plates, checking fixtures. Has good welding, anodizing and corrosion resistance properties. No forming. Usually used in the 6mm to 50mm thickness range, but also available up to 150mm.


Metalweb stock in the UK a range of steels, largely for aerospace applications. In addition, stainless steel, mild steel, maraging steel and tool steels can all be supplied. Reliance are the world’s largest stockholding group of steel materials – so metalweb can offer direct access to significant group stocks of steels.

Stock range

Metalweb’s range of steel types in a variety of forms (plate, sheet, round bar, flat bar) and specifications include:

  • Aerospace steels
  • Commercial steels
  • Mild steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Maraging Steels
  • Tool steels
  • Both Austenitic and Martensitic steels

As part of an American owned group of companies, metalweb have a distinct advantage in the UK and European market in being able to offer a large range of American AMS specified material from group stock.

Nikel Alloys

In today’s ‘high performance’ market sectors such as aerospace, marine, motorsport and oil & gas, nickel alloys are a key product. They offer strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is notable that nickel alloys are very corrosion-resistant even at very high strength levels.  Nickel alloys are a higher cost material than aluminium or steel. metalweb are able to offer a range of nickel alloys to suit many end-uses.

Nickel 625 and Nickel 718 both have high strength and good cryogenic properties. Nickel 625 is very well suited to marine applications (amongst others) due to its excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance properties.

Nickel 718 is particularly suited to aerospace applications. The sub-zero temperatures experienced at altitude as well as the intense heat of engines/burners require special material properties that Nickel 718 can provide. It maintains high strength and has good ductility and oxidation resistance up to high temperatures. In addition it also has the outstanding cryogenic properties required.


Titanium materials for both commercial and aerospace applications are available from metalweb. Titanium sheet and plate as well as titanium round bar is supplied in a number of specifications including 6AL 4V. Titanium’s strength and weight advantages – particularly over steel – are important in many high-tech sectors.

Copper Alloys

An increasing range of copper alloys are available from metalweb and these are suitable for a number of applications including aerospace. The range of copper products supplied to customers ranges from primary copper forms through to brass, aluminium bronze and phosphor bronzes.


Metalweb offer a multitude of services, ranging from basic metal procurement, product storage and distribution through to more complex ‘total supply’ solutions.  So whatever your requirements are, no matter how simple or complex, we are sure we can help. We therefore look forward to your enquiry on how we can help your business achieve its goals.

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