Metanodic Engineers Ltd


Here at Metanodic Engineers, we provide first-class engineering solutions based upon a combination of technical expertise and over 57 years experience. At Metanodic Engineers, our services include computer aided design (CAD), machining, fabrication, site installation, commissioning and maintenance work.

We are members of:

  • IOSH - SPA Food Safety Passport Scheme
  • National Britannia Safe Contractor Accreditation Scheme

Food & Processing Systems

We will design, build and install food & processing systems for most confectionery and food processing requirements. Our food & processing systems include the design of bespoke elements of plant for integration within existing systems.

Continuous Mixers

We supply continuous mixers are designed for producing uniformity of composition or to promote a physical or chemical reaction in the composition of the ingredients. Our continuous mixers produce aerated products of a uniform composition and cellular structure. We design continuous mixers to suit individual applications. We also provide standard agitators and mixing solutions.

Food Processing

We design, manufacture and commission conveyors and material handling systems for food processing applications. Our skilled team have expertise presenting design concepts for the food processing and confectionary industry. We produce complete systems and individual elements for the integration into existing processes.

Cake Cutting

We supply a fantastic selection of cake cutting solutions for novelty cake designs and complex multi-layer structures where the compositions require careful consideration of the cutting process. Depending on your composition requirements, we will design static or in-line, vertical or horizontal, or multiple cake cutting operations to meet your specifications.

Sandwiching & Depositing

We produce sandwiching & depositing systems suitable for high output and single or multiple deposit fillings in a extensive selection of products from sponge to wire cut or moulded biscuits. Our sandwiching & depositing systems are designed to ensure good alignment, consistent product height and accurate sandwiching.

Depositing Manifolds

Our depositing manifolds are designed for high output requirements. We have developed our depositing manifolds to enable your products to be marshalled, and, if required, turned to create bases and lids. Appropriate conveyor handling and cooling systems can also be provided, built to suit new or existing depositors.

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