Metatec Ltd.


Aromatec Organic Air Care Products are traditionally used in areas associated with malodours. Now, of course, we all know that fragrances can do much more than eliminate bad smells. Hence we have opened up a whole new market place that can benefit from the ‘right’ fragrance, offices, retailers, restaurants, hotels, car sales & showrooms, leisure facilities, reception areas and many, many more. It is well documented that fragrances can induce certain feelings. They can influence our physical and mental wellbeing. They can enhance the environment in which we live and work.

The sense of smell that humans possess has been ‘downgraded’ in importance over thousands of years.

The bio-physical effects of different fragrances are mostly subliminal but this does not mean they are any less effective on the mind and body.

Using Metatec Aroma Technology we can influence our physical, mental and spiritual feelings of  wellbeing. It is well documented that 4000 years ago the Ancient Egyptians used Aromatic oils in the walls of their burial chambers in the belief that it would give them feelings of happiness in the afterlife

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