Metawell GmbH


Our pure metal aluminium sandwich is found in various applications for rail vehicles construction, shipbuilding, automotive industry, interior design, and mechanical engineering. Additionally, the products are used as climate ceilings and ventilated curtain façades. The company Metawell GmbH provides pure metal sandwich elements made of aluminium as semi-finished panels and partly processed elements in different processing stages. Type and intensity of the processing stage generally depends on the project and is agreed with the customer.

Our products: acoustic ceilings, aluminium ceiling panels, aluminium honeycomb plates, aluminium machine parts, ceiling heating systems, ceiling panels, climate ceilings, composite boards of aluminium, cooling ceilings, façade facings, façade panels made of metal, façades panels of aluminium, façade of light metal, lightweight building boards, lightweight construction, lightweight construction sandwich panels, metal ceilings, radiant ceiling panels, radiant heaters, sandwich and lightweight panels, sandwich panels, ventilated façades.

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