Metcase Enclosures Ltd

Metcase manufacture an extensive range of 19” enclosures for rack mounted electronics equipment. The enclosures are manufactured in aluminium and are available in different formats to suit every application.

  • 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 6U standard sizes
  • Fixed or removable front panels
  • Ergonomic front panel handles
  • With or without ventilation slots
  • PCB mounting points or guide rails

19 inch Instrument Cases

The Metcase range includes modern and stylish instrument cases for mounting 3U subracks, chassis or front panels. These strong yet lightweight aluminium enclosures have many useful features.

  • 10.5” or 19” x 3U standards sizes
  • With side handles or tilt/swivel carry handle bars
  • Ventilated base and rear panel
  • Two standard depths, custom sizes on demand
19 inch Instrument Cases

Instrument Enclosures

Metcase instrument enclosures are designed for modern electronics equipment. The enclosures are stylish and versatile and suitable for desktop and portable applications.

  • With or without tilt/swivel carry handle bar
  • Anodised aluminium front panels
  • Stylish front and rear bezels
  • Internal chassis and guide rails for PCBs
Instrument Enclosures

Sloping Front Desktop Enclosures

METCASE manufacture a range of modern ergonomically inclined sloping front desktop enclosures. These are suitable for electronic instruments, data collection devices, point-of-sale terminals and much more.

  • Three standard sizes
  • IP 54 sealing kit included
  • Removable front and base panels
  • Custom sizes and version on request
Sloping Front Desktop Enclosures

Wall Mount Enclosures

These modern and versatile aluminium enclosures are designed for indoor wall mounted electronics equipment such as industrial controls, security systems and detection equipment. The enclosures allow total access to the electronics during installation.

  • Useful range of sizes
  • Modern front bezel and front panel assembly
  • Wall mount rear section for mounting cable glands
  • No visible fixings
Wall Mount Enclosures

Custom Enclosures

Metcase can supply all of its aluminium enclosures fully customised with all the necessary modifications for mounting your electronic components. The enclosures can also be made in special sizes to suit the dimensions of your existing PCBs and assemblies.

  • CNC punching, milling, drilling and tapping
  • Painting in custom colours and finishes
  • Digital printing of front panels and covers
  • Fitting of inserts and assembly parts
  • Custom sheet metal components
Custom Enclosures

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