Metcraft Ltd


At Metcraft, we are renowned experts in tanks and vessels and have been a specialist tank manufacturer for the past 50 years.

Our workforce has a wealth of knowledge and experience to give. As a specialist tank manufacturer, we can fabricate virtually any tank to meet your requirements.

Second Generation Fuel Tanks

Metcraft have fabricated a new second generation fuel tank range designed especially to sustain reliable environmental protection.

Leaking storage tanks are a large environmental problem. Our second generation fuel tanks aim to prevent this potential hazard.

Waste Oil Collection Tanks

Waste oil collection tanks play an essential role in many organisations in many industries. We supply many easy to use waste oil collection tanks with ranging capacities to suit your requirements.

Fuel Polisher

At Metcraft, we have an advanced diesel fuel polisher designed to manage stored diesel fuel.

Our Smartank fuel polisher has been developed to:

  • Treat microbial contamination
  • Improve hydrocarbon combustion.

Pump Metering Sets

We produce several excellent pump metering sets all designed to meet your necessities.

Typical features of our pump metering sets may include:

  • Flow meters calibrated to weights and measures standards
  • Pulsed output size 100mm inlet
  • 75mm outlet mounted on 2.8m X 1.8m base plate

Fuel Dispensing Tanks and Pump Modules

We have a vast stock of fuel dispensing tanks and pump modules supplying most major companies, installers, and distributors already.

Our fuel dispensing tanks and pump modules are made to the highest of standards to ensure you a reliable and quality checked product.


As part of our outstanding stock, we have specialised in fabricating and supplying chimneys for decades.

Our steel chimneys have the following features:

  • Metcraft have been manufacturing steel chimneys of all types for many years.
  • Free standing, guyed, bracketed and flue pipes.
  • All chimneys are insulated and aluminium clad for long life. Supplied and erected on site.
  • Range up to 35m high with design service included.

Stainless Steel Tanks and Fabrication

Stainless steel tanks fabrication is no unfamiliar challenge to us. We have a professional workshop essentially for stainless steel production.

In addition to stainless steel tanks fabrication, we also include:

  • Process Vessels
  • Chimneys
  • Ductwork

Fill Point Cabinets and Overfill Alarms

Metcraft manufactures an excellent collection of fill point cabinets and overfill alarms all of the highest finished standards. Our attractive range of fill point cabinets and overfill alarms have many purchase options and installation varieties.

Special Tanks and Hoppers

We have an exciting collection of special tanks and hoppers available for our customers.

Due to our extensive facilities and manufacturing experience, we can provide several varieties of special tanks and hoppers including:

  • Double skinned tanks
  • Heating coils
  • Coned bases
  • Treatment tanks

Exports and Special Projects

Metcraft provides many exports and special projects.

We have exports and special projects globally for a wide variety of users including tanks and chambers.

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