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Our materials handling equipment includes light overhead workstation cranes to offer versatile and cost-effective lifting solutions when traditional built overhead workstation cranes are impractical for use because of economic or practical causes.

Prime features for materials handling equipment are designed for ease of movement and reduced operator fatigue. It enables the equipment to be used for continuous periods without loss of accurate load positioning.

Lifting Apparatus

Our range of lifting apparatus includes Alu-Lift portable aluminium gantries ideal for portable, lightweight construction situations. This type of lifting apparatus is suited for continuous assembly and disassembly by site personnel.

They can also be used as an emergency lift in challenging locations and the total weight of these units range from 55 kgs up to 500 kgs.

This lifting apparatus has many features including:

  • Height adjustable by 762mm on all models
  • Spans from 2.44m - 5.87m with infinite span adjustment along the beam
  • 2 straps for securing gantry during transit
  • Maximum 1.4m wheel base ideal for loading in vans/vehicles
  • 4 position swivel lock casters
  • 2 casters with brake units
  • Corrosion resistant and suitable for use in refrigeration areas, clean rooms and other temperature controlled environments
Lifting Apparatus

Fall Arrest Systems - Fallguard A12 Ladders

Our fall arrest systems - fallguard A12 ladders are designed and manufactured to comply with EN 353-1. The fall arrest systems - fallguard A12 ladders have cultivated a optimum enclosed track vertical fall arrest system.

This system has been developed from 'off the shelf' components and has grown through our own expertise and experience of safe working practices.

Fall Arrest Systems - Fallguard A12 Ladders

Fall Arrest Systems - Safetrack

Our series of fall arrest systems are Safetrack systems and constructed with a fixed, horizontal enclosed track system.  This fall arrest system uses a mobile anchorage device to allow operators to move safely and freely without needing to disconnect from the system.

Fall arrest systems - Safetrack has an inflexible track installation and mobile travelling trolley. It can be used combined with other personal protective equipment and the Safetrack systems are finished in accordance to Safety Standard EN 795 Class D.

Fall Arrest Systems - Safetrack

Kromer Spring Balancers

We supply Kromer spring balancers designed to increase in direct proportion to cable extension. In Kromer spring balancers, the load is intrinsically retracted to its original position after use.

This makes it a highly efficient space saver and clears the way for other tools or devices. The Kromer spring balancers benefit from the slow rate of spring and retracting force because it guarantees better accuracy.

Kromer Spring Balancers

Conductor Systems - Akapp Multiconductor

Our conductor systems - Akapp multiconductor provide a reliable and safe power supply for use with hoisting equipment, cranes, warehouse machinery, and overhead conveyor tracks. For challenging environments, the conductor can be fitted with rubber sealing to protect from dust and moisture penetration and potential corrosion.

Conductor systems - Akapp multiconductor items provide an enclosed profile for use with up to seven continuous copper conductors. With parallel mounted systems, it has a maximum current capacity of 320A. 

Conductor Systems - Akapp Multiconductor

Festoon Systems - Lock and Roll Wire Festoon

Our festoon systems include lock and roll wire festoon applications for Nylon and steel trolleys. Our systems provide fast installation with Nylon trolleys and the parts simply slide together and lock.

Our festoon systems - lock and wire festoon are provided in pre-engineered kits to help with festooning. They include all you need including fasteners, wire rope and trolleys. You only need to provide the cable or hose.

Festoon Systems - Lock and Roll Wire Festoon

Powerfeed Systems - Cables & Glands

Our powerfeed systems - cables and glands provide industry sectors with a choice of flexible flatform and pendant suspension cables.

Our powerfeed systems - cables and glands also include a series of pliable roundform cables for specific reeling and drag chin applications.

Our full range includes:

  • Flexible Flatform Cables
  • Cleardrop Pendant Suspension Cable
  • Reelaflex Reeling Drum Cable
  • PVC Roundform Cables
  • Cable Glands
Powerfeed Systems - Cables & Glands

TER Pendants and NPA Customised Pendant Types

Our range of TER pendant and NPA customised pendant types are control devices for a variety of industry machinery. They operate with auxiliary controlled electrical motors through a superior interface.

TER pendant and NPA customised pendant types are aimed particularly for the industrial market and are available with thermoplastic rectangular buttons or round disks. Buttons can be mounted on rubber to protect against dust and moulded in 2 colour tones to provide wear-resistant, readable text and symbols.

TER Pendants and NPA Customised Pendant Types

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