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We supply electrical safety verification machines. They are designed for appliance testing, portable electrical appliances, and switchgear. Our products are equipped with advanced digital measuring instruments.

PAT Testing Equipment

We supply PAT testing equipment including:
  • The all new MI3310A
  • SigmaPAT
  • MI3304 BetaPAT Plus
  • MI3305 OmegaPAT Plus
  • MI3321 MultiservicerXA for Switchgear
  • MI2094 CE Multitester

Electrical Testers

Metrel provides single and multifunctional electrical installation testers. The testers are used for initial and periodic testing of domestic and industrial installations, testing of single and multiphase systems and testing of TT, TN, IT and 110 V systems.

Hand Held Pat Tester

Metrel's all new range of Hand Held PAT Testers. Consists of the new battery powered MI3311 GammaPat and the MI3309 Dual Powered DeltaPAT. The new lightweight design makes these testers ideal to work in small confined spaces.

17th Edition Testers

17th Edition Testers simply out of this world. The all new handheld MI3125B with automated ring main testing and the MI3125 Lite make installation testing more simpler than ever before.

Multifunction Testers

Our Eurotest family offer high performance, multi-functional test instruments that perform all the tests required to easily evaluate the safety of a electrical installation in accordance with the latest regulations.

Single Function Testers

Our Smartec family are specifically designed to offer individual instruments that are optimised to perform specific tests and functions.

MI 2592 PowerQ4

The MI 2592 PowerQ4 is an extremely powerful and professional 4-channel power quality analyzer that is capable of recording IEC 61000-4-30 Class S and IEC 61557-12 compliant data for up to 8 weeks.


The MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV provides a quick and accurate reading of insulation resistance. The large segment LCD screen with backlight offers easy reading of results. The analogue/digital display with analogue graph has a range of up to 1 TΩ for insulation resistance and 600 V for voltage measurements.

Switchgear Safety

Electrical safety verification of machines, portable electrical appliances and switchgear with advanced digital measuring instruments.


MI 2094 CE Multitester is in a class of its own aimed for CE certification of electrical appliances, machines and switchboards during the production. It is also very suitable for testing the appliance after repairs and maintenance work.

LAN Cabling Certification

Structured cabling network testing in accordance with EN50173, ISO/IEC 11801 and other similar standards.

MI 2016 MULTI LAN 350

The MI 2016 Multi LAN 350 is a high performance, top quality, competitively priced LAN tester with the capabilities of testing up to CAT 6 (Class E) cabling (both permanent and channel). The fast and seamless execution of a complete autotest can be performed within 55 seconds.

Digital Multimeters

A complete selection of digital multimeters, clamp-on meters and voltage stickers for industry, laboratory use, electrical contractors and domestic applications. 


High quality multimeters feature a wide variety of measuring functions and a possibility of TRMS measurements. CAT IV/600 V version available as well.

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