Metrix Marketing Communications Ltd


Metrix isn't your ordinary marketing communications company. We provide measurably better marketing solutions. Where's the proof? It's in the metrics. Our performance is judged by and measured on the results we achieve for our clients. Above all, we deliver what we promise.

The new era in communications requires businesses to take a new approach - or, at the very least, to consider new ways to increase sales, delight customers and deliver profitable bottom-line performance. Our goal at Metrix is to ensure that clients' marketing communications achieve their full potential by making the most of the opportunities available.

Although we're a new-look marketing communications team, our success is based on practising and demonstrating the traditional values that companies need to grow their business. Whatever your marketing and communication requirements, Metrix will have the ideas, expertise, capabilities, experience and practical common sense which will match and, more often than not, exceed your expectations.

Based in the UK, we manage world-wide and international campaigns. Business enquiries from overseas are therefore very welcome. Whatever your marketing communication needs, Metrix Marketing will get the measure of them. We'd love to show you how.  

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