Metro CCTV

Metro CCTV Secure offsite storage and retrieval service has been specifically designed for the commercial CCTV market, securing your clients video data and facilitating installers compliance under the Data Protection Act.

DVRs are now a primary target for thieves during any incursion. Metro secure offsite storage and retrieval managed service ensures your CCTV data is safe on remote servers.

The software, which is pre loaded onto the DVR, secures your clients data offsite and allows instant retrieval of video footage from any location via the internet. The softwares unique heartbeat monitoring service notifies the user of any local DVR failure. With your CCTV data encrypted, backed up and offsite, thieves are denied access to incriminating evidence

Today our systems can be found in every market place.

Shopping Centres
Petrochemical Sites
Banks Government offices
Recreation centersEnvironmental
Projects ETC

We hold contracts with the following companies

Shell Ireland LTD (Nationally)
Shell Bitumen LTD (Nationally)
Topaz Energy LTD (Nationally)
Martin Shortt Auctioneers
H J Downey Group-Nightclub owners
O'Brien's Sandwich bars
Heron Bros LTD
Greenvale Hotel Cookstown
Exchange Restaurant
Friar Tucks Chain
K.N.A Group
Canopies Ireland
R&H Hall Cork
A.G.B Electrical. Cork
Omagh Live Stock Market
Friar Tucks Chain
K.N.A Group
Canopies Ireland
R&H Hall Cork
A.G.B Electrical. Cork
Omagh Live Stock Market
  • Industrial CCTV

    Our systems are designed to meet the most rigorous requirements.

    You can find metro systems used where flammable gases may be present, typically in petrochemical, industrial, aerospace and offshore industries and generally on sites where there is a risk of explosion because volatile gases, vapours, mists or dusts are present.

  • CCTV Cameras

    In our CCTV systems we only use the highest quality security cameras available! Depending on the terrain, enviroment and position, Metro CCTV knows exactly what type of camera to install and the perfect position to place it so you can view everything that is going on and will successfully record any suspicious activity with superb quality allowing you to identify the person.

  • Till Scan

    CCTV systems can be designed to cover a myriad of environ-ments in retail situations. One such system is the Till-Scan application, a covert system that superimposes the roll onto a CCTV monitor, allowing you to monitor the flow of stock and reduce instances of under ringing and the 'No-Sale' transactions.
Benefits of our systems include:

Reassurance for honest staff
Deterrent for petty theft and burglary
Protection of stock and environment
Monitor Staff movements
Provide high quality images to assist in
intelligence gathering and convictions
On-site guarantee
Secure off-site storage and retrieval service

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