Metrodata Ltd


Who are we?

Founded in 1989 as a Telecoms equipment designer and manufacturer, the initial goal of Metrodata Ltd. was to overcome incompatibilities in the connection of Data equipment to Network Services. Our early product line-up included Speed, Interface and Protocol Conversion devices. Today, the company's focus is best summarised as 'Network Interface and Transport Specialists'.

Based near London's Heathrow Airport, Metrodata supplies customers worldwide, with some 40% of production destined for markets outside the U.K.

What do we do?

Metrodata offers a wide range of connectivity solutions for the LAN and WAN arena. Network Interfaces and Transports supported include those for Serial, SDH/PDH, ATM, Ethernet and Fibre applications. Our portfolio today extends from simple connectivity products through to Multiplexing and Managed Service Delivery Solutions for the Telecoms Carrier market.

The company offers Network Design and Integration services and in this area has a particular expertise in Fibre technologies, enabling clients to maximise the effectiveness of their Fibre infrastructure investments.

Our Customers and Markets

Metrodata Ltd's customers worldwide include Telecoms Service Providers, Corporate Enterprises of all sizes and Governmental organisations. Our multi-service convergence and satellite communications 'backhaul' capabilities, allied with extensive expertise in interfacing military serial Cryptos, has given us a strong position with Defence organisations.

Metrodata supplies both directly and via Integration Partners, primarily in Europe, the USA, LATAM and the Middle East. The company continually strives to develop new markets.

Why Metrodata?

Metrodata's product quality and design expertise make us the 'gold standard' for many of the world's Telecoms Service Providers for interface conversion and service demarcation applications.

For customers of our Network Design and Integration practice, Metrodata offers unprecedented expertise, borne of our long history in product development and manufacturing. Our customers appreciate our strongly consultative approach, ensuring an optimal solution to their requirements.

Metrodata is a highly expert Company, but one small enough to be responsive to our customers. Our willingness to meet customers' precise requirements through close consultation and bespoke development, differentiates Metrodata from larger, more rigid Telecoms equipment companies.

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