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Our company specialises in Kosaka surface finish metrology ,  ST.Industries optical projectors, Carmar video measuring  instruments and Fisso flexible arm  gauge stands . Kosaka  products measure surface finish and  profiles, roundness, and cylindricity. ST Industries offer a full range of  optical profile comparators and Carmar video instrumnts.  Production gauges include   Fisso range of articulated gauge arms, Kafer  dial and thickness gauges and Comtorgage shop floor production inspection gauges.. Browse through our web pages to see how our experience may assist your company.

Recent inspection applications:

  • Surface finish. Roughness profiles, straightness of camshafts, knee joints pistons, turbine blades and high speed bearings.
  • Nanometer surface profiles of plastics.
  • Optical comparator for aero and turbine blade inspection and tooling.
  • Roundness.Cylindricity.Concentricity of pistons'
  • Run-out, Balance, eccentricity of racing car drive shafts and nuclear fuel rod mechanisms.
  • Piston skirt and ring groove profiles. Piston pin roughness.
  • 3D CMM's. coordinate Measuring machines.
  • Bores, splines, grooves, threads of drive shafts and housings.
  • Heights, lengths and overall dimensions of pistons.
  • Transducers and electronic probes for blade inspection fixtures.
  • Force. Torque gauges and test stands for medical and closure test.
  • Articulated gauge arms for car body panel test riggs
  • Thin film non-contact thickness of soft electronic materials.

Our specialist suppliers include:

Kosaka labs. S-T Industries. Comtorgage. Helmel.  Baitella Fisso.. BC Ames. Messwelk.  Kafer. Metrol gauges. We have  40 years of experience in metrology and inspection

We pride ourselves on representing family run metrology and testing companies who all offer specialized and innovative instruments in their field and in many instances are leaders in their particular technology.

This web shows their advanced products in Surface roughness measurement, roundness analysis, coordinate measuring machines, optical comparators, electronic transducers and force testing systems.

We also work in very close liaison with suppliers large or small, to us they are part of Metrology International Ltd.

We have established our reputation over the last 26 years by marketing innovative products which receive a very high customer satisfaction rating compared with our competitors.

I hope you find our site interesting, please let us know your comments, this may help to help us improve it

Torque Captester

The new  Insize Torque Captester holds bottles and containers up to 200mm diameter between sliding jaws. 5 models have sensors with ranges of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 Newtons/metre plus kilogram and Imperial units selection.. A simple keypad allows quick setting up of upper and lower limits,  torque tracking and  maximum/minimum values along with printer or PC readout selection. This highly competitive instrument is now available in the UK, with many  applications in the engineering, medical, and food manufacturing  industries. For more details please contact our Harrogate office. 


The new high accuracy Surfcorder SE-300 utilises the driver, pick-ups and styli of the existing SE-1200 but incorporates a totally new analyzer with large touch screen. The screen simplifies the set up procedure, measurement  modes and parameters selection to most world surface finish parameters.

Features include: fast set up of analyzis parameters, real time surface roughness graph recordings displayed in the touch screen, automatic vertical and horizontal calibration and numerous levelling functions to handle all types of component surfaces such as curves and step height.  Mounting base options and PC link software are available if required.

Kosaka Surfcorders

The following articles illustrate the main range of Kosaka's Surfcorder and Roncorder instruments to measure surface finish, srofiles and 3D surfaces.  All instruments are to the highest technical specification for accuracy and International parameter requirements. 

Should you require instruments to use in the workshop,  production or research  laboratories, Kosaka have a model to suit your need. For futher information or technical specifications please contact us directly.

Video Measuring Instruments

Carmar's extensive range of video measuring machines are available with manual or auto CNC drive controls for rapid and accurate measurement of medium size parts. The instruments consist of a Sony video high resolution camera supported on a vertical column mounted over a workstage on a granite base.  Options include various table sizes with  travel to 400mm x 300mm in the xy axis with z travel of 200mm.  Digital analysis of geometric size and form are supplied with all models and may be connected  to a PC via software. A toolmakers version is available with eyepiece viewer as well as screen display and a CMM type for large components such as PCBs.

Prices of  all models are highly competitive with a basic video system starting around £4,500 which in todays climate is oustanding value for money.

Vertical Screen Comparators

If you are measuring small precision parts and looking for a bench mounted optical comparator, here is a range of metrology instruments which will more than likely will meet your requirements and your budget.. 

Carmars Pv series of 300mm screen comparators has been developed to provide instruments to meet most requirements.  With 9 models in the range, the user can choose between the basic low cost  Pv3015 or select the advanced Pv3025CE. Many configerations are offered not usually available on competative instruments, such as reverse or erect images, larger workstages with improved travel and enhanced accuracy when required.  All have geometric digital readout analysers as standard with simple software to connect direct to a PC if required.

Surface and Profile Measurement

When it comes to measuring surfaces for roughness or contour profile the Kosaka Surfcorder SE-1200 instruments have no equal. Consisting of a combined amplifier printer with a 25mm drive unit and universal pick-up, this small compact instrument can carry out many measurements which larger competitive models are needed, such as curved surfaces, short lands, profiles and very small bores.  Easily programmed via its keypad, selections of traverse distance, cut offs, curved, flat surface, vertical and horizontal magnifications and universal Ra and waveform parameters are quickly set, results witrh  profile graphs being rapidly printed out.  The SE-1200 is shown below with it pick-up mounted in a right angle format.

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