Mewett Polyurethane Ltd.

Mewetts are a family run business, which have been manufacturers of polyurethane products since 1980.

Mewetts offer a comprehensive contract moulding service producing industrial and consumer products in Elastomer, Rigid, Semi Flexible and Flexible foam systems.

Polyurethane is a tough, inexpensive, highly adaptable alternative to rubber, plastic, woods and very often metal, for use in a huge variety of applications, where a long life and specific performance parameters are to be met.

This highly adaptable, chemical resistant material can be utilised in products where requirements are for light, buoyant, low density or as tough as nylon. With properties ranging anywhere between the two. Mewett Systems are ozone friendly and flexible enough to suit any size or quantity you may require

All products are manufactured to an accredited quality system.
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