MFM Equipment Ltd

Mushtaq’s Food Machinery is a leading manufacturer of food machines for the confectionery and food industry to a worldwide market place. Based in UK, Mushtaq’s Food Machinery export top quality equipment to the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, the Far and Middle East and throughout Europe.

MFM machines are built to the highest possible specifications, are robust in construction, durable, and ingenious in design reflecting our ever-conscious efforts in reaching the acme of perfection as the leading manufacturers in food machinery. Since our customers rely on reputable industry hardware to manage production flow, we likewise, rely on the satisfaction and successes our customers continually experience.

Our range of food machinery covers Dough Dividers, Rounders, Mixers and Presses, High Speed Blenders and Vegetable Cutters, Pastry Rollers, Samosa and Shish Kebab Machines, Fire Cooking Mixers, Ladoo and Chapatti Machines, Ball Forming Machines and more, just visit our website for details.

If you have a product in mind and need machinery to mechanise the production process, then give us a call to +44(0)1217668536 and let us help make your production less time consuming. We have built & invented many food processing machines through our Bespoke services. Mushtaq's extensive experience and technical capabilities provide caterers and food processors with equipment that not only offers the ideal solution to today's high standard of requirements along with consistently good culinary results, but does so, whilst retaining the very best in catering traditions.

From conception to creation, our motto is: "We Set The Standards...Our Competitors Follow!"
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