Mica Technology UK Ltd

Mica Technology UK Ltd is an independent stocking distributor of:
  • Memory Semiconductors
  • SRAM
With very good connections overseas which enables us to procure various other Memory Components, Semiconductors, Passive and Electro-mechanical devices. With over 35 years experience in our sales team, we understand all about the day-to-day issues facing your purchasing team regarding: ALLOCATION or OBSOLESCENCE. We can offer a watertight solution to those daily problems.

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We can offer:
  • Buffer stock holding
  • Consolidated shipments
  • Order scheduling
  • Full Data support
  • Component Kitting Service
Excess Management
Manufacturers and Sub-Contract Manufacturers always have excess and redundant components. We can help reduce your unwanted stock levels. We can offer a highly effective solution that will enable your company to dispose of any unwanted components, thus generating instant cash flow and creating valuable storage space.

We will get you the best prices possible for your excess and redundant components.

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