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Micro Metalsmiths combines many skills, and although some might say diverse, these skills and technologies form the basis of a forward looking customer orientated company.

The core technology is our investment casting foundry, this gives Micro Metalsmiths the ability to take a customers concept and achieve reality in a cost effective manner, forming complex shapes without the need for machining from solid.

Combine this with microwave design, drafting, machining and assembly skills, and the result is a microwave design and manufacturing facility ready to supply standard and customised solutions for the challenges of the RF & microwave electronics industry, into and beyond the 21 st century.

  • Established in 1964
  • Two sites in rural North Yorkshire
  • Secured microwave laboratory equipped with state of the art design tools and test equipment.
  • Precision investment casting foundry
  • Hi Tec CNC Machine shop
  • Assembly department with a history of defence-related manufacture

MM Castings

Aluminium Castings & Brass Castings
Since 1964 the Micro Metalsmiths' precision investment casting process still leads the field in the production of small, finely detailed and often very complex aluminium castings and brass castings.

Having established a reputation for world excellence in engineering and the production of precision investment cast components, Micro Metalsmiths' aluminium castings and brass castings are manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001 approved quality system.

A major advantage to all our customers is the provision of a full range of in-house facilities including CNC machining of our precision investment cast aluminium and brass castings. As a result, customers' needs can be met with a greater degree of flexibility. Any customer who has a need for rapid prototyping will find that the latest techniques are available.

Micro Metalsmiths is able to offer its own:

  • project management
  • design department
  • investment foundry
  • machine shop
  • assembly shop
  • microwave engineering department 

At the present time Micro Metalsmiths can claim to be the only company in the European Union with all these facilities under one roof.

MM Castings

Microwave Design

Micro Metalsmiths has a unique and comprehensive in-house range of microwave design and production capabilities for the supply of microwave and RF front end components and assemblies.

Off the shelf components include cast waveguide bends in sizes from WR650 (WG6) down to WR28 (WG22). Also available is a range of transitions tees and couplers to suit most requirements. All manufactured in a production environment controlled to ISO9001.

Micro Metalsmiths unique blend of investment casting, precision machining and advanced metal forming techniques, together with an extensive range of assembly processes, including flame and salt bath brazing enable Micro Metalsmiths to create complex assemblies from individual components.

Microwave Design

Global Castings

The major advantage to all our customers is the provision of a full range of in-house facilities and external sourcing of services. As a result, customers’ needs can be met with a greater degree of flexibility.

The company has refined it’s techniques for the production of Copper and Aluminum alloy investment castings over forty years and is able to use the experience gained in controlling its sub contract associates.

Micro Metalsmiths is able to offer:

  • Global sourcing of products and services
  • Project Management
  • Design department
  • Investment Foundry
  • Sand Foundries
  • Die castings
  • CNC Machine Shop
  • Assembly Shop
  • Subcontract supply chain management
  • Finished product supply
  • Stamping

Micro Metalsmiths was accredited to BS5750 in 1998 and currently holds the latest ISO9001 ; 2000. The company is audited twice a year by the BSI.

Micro Metalsmiths has also been successfully audited by major aerospace and defence organizations and is on their approved supplier list.

Global Castings

Waveguide Components

Micro Metalsmiths offers a comprehensive range of waveguide bends which can be dispatched within hours-enabling waveguide assemblies to quickly and easily constructed to the highest standards.

Micro Metalsmiths bends are available in waveguide size from WG10(WR284) to WG22(WR28), and designed to provide excellent VSWR performance across the frequency marked of each waveguide size. A maximum of 30, 45, 60 & 90 are available in both E and H plane. Waveguide bends are also available with either flanges or sockets. The socketed bends are suitable for brazing into waveguide assemblies.

The waveguide bends are available in copper or aluminum alloy. MB1 copper alloy has been specially developed to provide excellent corrosion resistance to handle the extremes of marine and atmospheric conditions. Use of this material avoids the health hazards associated with processing the expensive and highly toxic Beryllium Cooper alternative.

For Light-weight assemblies, aluminum alloy components are available. The corrosion is associated with salt bath brazing of aluminum have been overcome by Micro Metalsmiths through the development of specialist alloys and joining techniques. A range of thin-wall parts specifically designed for use in space waveguide manufactured is available.

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