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Welcome to Microlin Cooper, we are a well established company based in the UK , with sales in the UK and continental Europe, Our goal is to help our customers get their job done precisely,  productively, and profitably. By partnering with the best people and companies in the industry and by working together with a common vision, Since our creation in 1998 ,we have become an innovative company dedicated to the development and application of industrial safety.

Our commitment has always been, to provide YOU, our customer, with the highest quality products, at the most competitive prices and to keep you safe while providing unsurpassed comfort on any of our products . We have recognized that our success comes when our customers are successful.

We invite you to learn about our unique approach to quality, reliability, and value by visiting our website and welcoming any comments you may have.

Industrial Gloves & Sleeves

Health & Safety gloves

DISPOSABLE GLOVES: Disposable gloves
PUNCTURE RESISTANT GLOVES: Gloves resistant to nails, barbed wire, needles and piercing objects in general
HEAT RESISTANT GLOVES: Heat resistant gloves
CUT RESISTANT GLOVES: Cut resistant gloves
SOLVENT & ACID RESISTANT GLOVES: Acid resistant gloves
ANTI VIBRATION GLOVES:  Welding & anti vibration gloves
SAFETY SLEEVES: To protect forearm, wrists & elbows against cuts
PALM COATED AND GENERAL PURPOSE GLOVERS:  Knitted gloves coated with nitrile polyurethane or rubber on the palm to protect against minor cuts, blisters etc
FIREMAN GLOVES: Heat gloves specifically designed for firemen and having European EN 659 safety regulation
BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION GLOVES: Low cost gloves For use in building sites, general construction & maintenance work
FORESTRY & GARDENS: Chainsaw & Garden maintenance gloves
DMF free gloves: Knitted gloves without any DMF solvent

Industrial Gloves & Sleeves

Anti Static Protection Wear

Anti Static products and clothing.

CONDUCTIVE & DISSIPATIVE GLOVES: Anti static conductive gloves
ANTI STATIC FINGER COTS: Anti static finger cots
CONDUCTIVE SHOECOVERS: Conductive shoe covers for visitors
DISPOSABLE ANTISTATIC GLOVES: Antistatic disposable gloves

Sterile Products

Sterile products.


Sterile Products

Disposable Garments

Tyvek, candor and polypropylene garments.

 NON WOVEN PRODUCTS: Low cost disposable garment

Disposable Garments

Food Industry

Gloves & Accessories for the food industry.

 GLOVES FOR FOOD: Safety gloves for handling food.

Food Industry

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