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Micromech supplies a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry and manufacturing. By 'designing in' the optimum solution we maximise our customers benefits.
From a comprehensive range of components to complete motion control packages Micromech offers a first class before and after technical support service.

Established in 1982 to bring professional distribution techniques to the motion control market, Micromech has become a significant force in the field of sophisticated multi-axis control and is a recognised specialist in servo and stepping motor applications.

With quality approval to ISO9001, Micromech is well placed to meet the most stringent supply criteria.

Primarily we are active in positioning, speed control, special purpose machines and factory automation applications. A long-time supplier to the MOD and many multi-national companies Micromech is recognised by industry as a leading supplier in the food, pharmaceutical, printing and packaging, research, plastics, aerospace and mechanical handling sectors.

Linear Actuators

  • Isel Automation - Belt driven actuators and automation accessories
  • Isel Automation - Screw driven actuators and automation accessories
  • Parker - Precision linear & rotary tables & micrometer tables, Telescopic actuators
  • Parker Origa - Screw and belt driven actuators
  • Thomson - Screw driven actuators to meet a diverse range of applications
  • Nippon - The 'Linear Step' is a stepper motor with integrated actuator

Rotary Tables

  • Isel - RDH 21kN load, zero backlash. MD Midget Rotary Axis 56mm dia. ZD30 Rotary axis with chuck
  • Parker - 45Kg Load, 12 arc sec repeatabiliy, 130-300mm Diameter

Linear Positioning Tables

  • Parker - Belt & ballscrew linear tables, Standard attachments
  • Parker - Origa - Screw and belt driven actuators
  • Kollmorgen - Positioning tables

Rotary and Linear Guides

  • Isel - Round ball linear guides and supports
  • Parker - Origa - Guideline aluminium profile roller guides
  • PM Bearings - "Crossed Roller Linear bearings", "Needle bearings guides", "Ceramic Linear bearing Sets", "Unlimited travel linear carriage


  • PM Beaings - Miniature flexible couplings One-Piece and Split
  • Wittenstein (formerly Alpha Gearheads) - Backlash free bellows type couplings.
  • Elastomers insert couplings.Torque limiter couplings.

Aluminium Profiles

  • Isel Automation - Full range of aluminium profiles and accessories for machine build or guarding

Manual Stages

  • Parker has been the leader in supplying manual positioners to industries and laboratories around the world.
  • Typical applications include: laser beam directing, fiber optics alignment, assembly fixturing, tooling, microscope specimen positioning, camera focusing, and many others.



  • Alio - Parallel 6 axis hexapod,  Parallel 3 axis tripod

Air Bearings

  • Alio - Ceramic servo motor, Linear servo motor, XY Planar, Rotary,

Linear Stages

Rotary Stages

  • Alio - Standard rotary, Goniometer, Gimbal rotation,

Vacuum Stages

  • Alio - Enclosed motor, Open linear motor, Compact open, Rotary,

Custom Stages

  • Alio - Vacuum, Atmospheric, Air Bearing,


  • Parker - Low Backlash Planetary Gearboxes
  • Wittenstein (formerly Alpha Gearheads) - Right angled, In-line, Low Backlash, Planetary, High Precision Worm Gearbox
  • Sumitomo - Zero & very low backlash, Cyclo Epicyclical.
  • Thomson - Competitively priced, stepper/synchronous motor gearboxes.
  • TR - Low backlash planetary gearheads, Low backlash right angled gearheads

Rack and Pinion

  • Wittenstein (formerly Alpha Gearheads) - High Precision Rack & Pinion Drive System

Bearings and Shaft Systems

  • Spyraflo - Very cost -effective bearing and shaft systems for medium and small machine elements particularly in the point of sale and medical markets.
  • PM Bearings - Miniature Single - Row bearings down to 0.6mm bore size and 2.5mm OD


  • Isel Automation - Fully assembled belt driven gantry systems
  • Parker - Fully assembled belt driven gantry systems

CNC Machine

DC Motors

Stepper Motors

  •  Parker - High performance stepper motors IP65 and IP68 versions, Encoder & Brake options
  • Kollmorgen - High performance stepper motors
  • STÖGRA - IP65 and IP68 versions, Encoder & Brake options
  • Nippon Pulse Motor - Small low cost motors, High volume motors & motor/gearboxes

Small DC Motors

Linear Motors

  • Parker - Trilogy  - Ironless and Ironcore Linear Motors
  • Motor Power Co - Iron Core Synchronous Linear Motors
  • Nippon Pulse Motor  - Shaft Motors - Direct drive linear motors with cylindrically wound coils
  • Nippon Pulse Motor  - Linear Stage Systems
  • Kollmorgen - Direct Drive Motors

Servo Motors

  • Parker - AC Brushless 200W-11KW
  • Kollmorgen - High Performance AC Brushless
  • Yaskawa - Sigma - 5 Servo Drives and Junma Servo Series

Synchronous Motors

  • Kollmorgen  - AC Synchronous Motors 60RPM@50HZ and 72RPM@60HZ
  • Nippon Pulse Motors  - 25 mm to 55 mm low speed permanent magnet synchronous motors

Direct Drive Servo Motors

  • Kollmorgen - Multi pole hollow shaft direct drive motors, with integral bearings and high resolution encoder system (5.3-115 Nm)
  • Parker - Rotary torque motor kits with a high number of poles , Low speed of rotation and high torque, With a solid or hollow shaft
  • Yaskawa - Sigma - 5 Servo Drives and Junma Servo Series

Stepper Motors with Integrated Drives

Explosion Proof Servo Motors

  • Parker Servomotors for explosive atmospheres.
    EX servomotors are group II, category 2, explosion-proof apparatus designed to operate in explosive atmospheres in accordance with EN 50014 standard

Servo Drives

  • Parker - AC brushless drives 200W-11KW. OEM low cost drives
  • Kollmorgen  - High Performance AC Servo
  • Trinamic Motion Control - Motor Controllers and Drivers (Modules)
  • Trinamic Motion Control  - Motor Controllers and Drivers (Integrated Circuits)
  • Yaskawa - Sigma - 5 Servo Drives and Junma Servo Series

Stepper Drives

  • Parker - Low cost OEM servo drives to single axis with built in indexer power supply.
  • Kollmorgen - High performance, Low cost stepper drives
  • Trinamic Motion Control - Stepper Motor Controllers and Drivers (Modules)
  • Trinamic Motion Control - Stepper Motor Controllers and Drivers (Integrated Circuits)
  • STÖGRA - Low cost stepper


Motion Controllers

  • Delta Tau - High Level, Multi Axis, Stepper, Servo, Fieldbus, Ethernet, PC Based, Camming
  • Oregon Micro Systems - Multi/Single axis, Stepper, Servo, Fieldbus, VME
  • Parker - Multi/Single axis, Stepper, Servo, Fieldbus, Ethernet, PC Based, Camming
  • Yaskawa - Motion Controllers
  • Trio - Multi Axis Motion Controllers 1m-26 axes of control
  • Trinamic Motion Control - Stepper Motor Controllers and Drivers (Modules)
  • Nippon Pulse Motor - Board level motion controllers, multi axis, stepper, in 2 or 4-axes ISA bus and PC/104 bus format
  • Isel - Motion Controllers

Motion Control Chips

  • Trinamic Motion Control - Stepper Motor Controllers and Drivers (Modules)
  • Trinamic Motion Control - Stepper Motor Controllers and Drivers (Integrated Circuits)
  • Nippon Pulse - Stepping Motor Drivers Chips Unipolar & Bipolar

Motion Checker

  • Nippon - Palm size checker with an integrated driving circuit for stepper motors

Motion Control Cards

Communication Chips

Operator Panels

  • Exor - Text display to full colour touch screen, Programmable operator interfaces


  • Omron - Digital counters, Temperature & process controller


  • Eltra - Rotary, Linear, Incremental, Absolute
  • Renishaw - High resolution linear & rotary tapescale encoders. UHV readheads. Machine tool set up devices.
  • Netzer Precision - Rotary, Linear Encoders


  • Fanuc Robotics - Multi purpose industrial robots with payload rating of between 3Kg to 450Kg.
  • Motoman - Multi purpose industrial robots with payload rating of between 3Kg to 400Kg.



  • Omron - Photo electric, Ultrasonic, Luminescence detectors

Vision Systems

  • Omron - Bar code readers, monochrome & colour recognition vision systems

Safety Products

  • Omron - A full range of safety sensors, switches and light guards for all aspects of machine safety

Customised products and services (CPS)

Do you need to reduce your paperwork, cut your vendor base, lower costs or simplify production?

For manufacturers there is the ever-present pressure of ensuring components are ready for production on time. This involves taking products from stores and carrying out modifications before returning them to the shelf ready for later use in the build process. It means stocking numerous components, additional drawings and administration, assembly work which may contain errors and is of course expensive.

What is really required are products delivered from your supplier, ready for installation when you need them!

To make your life easier, Micromech is ready to undertake these numerous modifications. We produce special shafts and flanges, add cables and connectors to motors, paint, fit gearboxes and encoders, as well as producing special adapters for fitting motors to actuators and brackets for assembly into multi axis mechanical systems.
Using our in-house technical expertise, we modify 'supplied' parts to fit existing systems, whether it be a simple motor cable, or gearbox flanges or any other component. So not only do we supply your motors, drives and controls, we offer the following additional services:


  • Finished parts - to your specification, this could include painting, spraying, coating, part number marking, labels and environmental protection
  • Machined modifications - this includes flanges, special adapters, keyways and special shafts
  • Assembly of components - fitting together brakes, clutches, couplings, adapter plates, gearboxes and even your own free issue parts
  • Completed assembly test - then supplied with appropriate documentation


  • Assembly - fitting motor connectors, extending motor leads, sleeving motor leads, rack assembly, etc
  • Modification - PCB changes, leads/cables fitted to PCB’s, vacuum preparation


  • PCB - design and development, motion control system build
  • Software Engineering - customised control functionality and communication solutions

Note: all these products will carry the customer’s part number (if required) and our own unique SP number


CNC Machines and motion control solutions for schools, colleges, university, research, medical, and life science establishments

  • Mechanical
  • Packaged Systems
  • Motors
  • Drives
  • Motion Controllers
  • PC (Host)
  • Display
  • Encoders
  • Automation
  • Control


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