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Here at Micron Techniques, we supply innovative electro-optical systems and instruments. We specialise in remote sensing in the visible and infrared wavebands. We have a specialist calibration and service unit for calibrating and maintaining photometers, spectrometers, CCD cameras and infrared thermometers. We manufacture electro-optical systems and instruments for off-the-shelf supply, as well as bespoke designs to meet individual requirements.


Our calibration and service unit based in Dorset is fully equipped to service and repair equipment supplied by Micron to its many customers and to third party customers. We maintain high calibration standards to allow calibration of light meters, photometers and spectrophotometers, and infrared thermometers.


We provide photometric calibration for a wide range of applications.

Our photometric calibration is suitable for suppliers including:

  • Konica Minolta (UK) Ltd
  • JETI GmbH
  • TechnoTeam GmbH
  • Davidson Optronics Inc
  • Spectra-Cine Inc
  • Eldim France
  • Optopolymer GmbH
  • Nikon
  • Cambridge Research Systems Ltd
  • LMT GmbH


At Micron Techniques, we supply infrared calibration nationwide.

We supply infrared calibration for suppliers including:

  • Heitronics GmbH
  • Florida Infrared Inc
  • Infrared Systems Development Corporation
  • Fermionics Inc


Our advanced solar calibration is provided to many customers and third party customers.

We provide solar calibration support to:

  • The Eppley Laboratory
  • Indium Sensor GmbH

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