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At Microscopes Plus Ltd, we pride ourselves on supplying a range of innovative and well-built microscopes.

With our expansive product list, we know our microscopes and related products will help laboratory specialists meet and exceed their equipment expectations.

We can also specify, recommend, modify and build an outfit to fit your needs and application requirements - try us and see

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Imaging cameras

A full range of professional imaging cameras from Motic and Euromex for all disciplines and applications including low light level work with fluorescence

Microscopy Accessories

Light sources, heated stages, measuring graticules and micrometers, motorised stages, stands, bulbs, slide boxes, LED illumination, digital cameras and digital measuring - we can supply most if not all the ancillary items you will need


Check out our applications section. You will find instruments that have been specifically set up to do the job you want done!

Asbestos analysis, live blood work, pathology, andrology, veterinary applications, tissue culture, depth measurement, semiconductor, SND, gemmology, TB diagnosis.....

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