Microtec GmbH


Microtec-GmbH can look back on many years of experience in machine construction. We act as a trustworthy and competent partner to our customers that offers support through fair and open collaboration in developing and designing components and machines. We work constantly to optimise our production processes and can offer you flexible yet focused work thanks to our quality management.

Microtec GmbH

We are leaders in building systems for the cryogenic grinding of rubbers and plastics. The unique setting options of our mills, combined with integrated sighting, enables us to obtain the finest rubber and plastics grounds economically. We also offer complete, turnkey systems for mineral grounds processing and chemistry. Thanks to our contracting services in these fields, we are constantly gaining new know-how, resulting in continuing improvements being made in cryogenic grinding technology. Our mills and air separators have found applications in chemistry, minerals plants, abrasives manufacturers, metal powder producers and in university research laboratories. Our milling technology has proven itself in converting waste paper into a pulp that forms an outstanding insulating material, and customers throughout Europe put their trust in our engineering.

Our team consists of experienced and competent employees who maintain and improve their skills with regular training. As a result, we are not only technically up-to-date, but we also have the latest know-how at all times.

Microtec GmbH
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