Microwave International Ltd.

Microwave International Ltd has been sourcing RF & Microwave Components and Subsystems for 14 years.

Microwave International is a customer and engineering led organisation.

We currently source products from the USA, Canada, Israel and Thailand.

We have established links into the USA where we are able to source replacements (sometimes form, fit and function) for obsolete or difficult to source components.

Microwave International has considerable expertise and knowledge of high power passive and ferrite, waveguide and coaxial components.

We offer a wide range of active and passive product in the range DC-140 GHz Microwave International can supply, or have constructed, virtually any waveguide assembly, including flexible waveguide (twistable or seamless) and components such as bends, twists, pressure windows, couplers, filters and pressure inlets. We also supply waveguide kits complete with fixing screws and gaskets.

Microwave International is able to source products for these market areas:

* Research
* Optronics
* Satellite Communications
* Satellite News Gathering
* Radar
* EW
* Radiometry
* Medical
* Industrial
* TWTA Manufacture
* Test
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